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I. It is sort saying. There's a picture of that in the Civil Rights Museum Memphis I'll T- and I realized that Guy. Giving me the music for more than just playing in the four walls of my congregation would have been satisfied. That's all he wanted me to do but he was taking. What the gift that you're giving me to be able to be use wherever and I with us there at age fifteen nine you. My life was really something special. I remember courageous. Got Him looking at me and noddy and smile was like. Wow Yeah actually happening so when I was invited well when I left the eighth grade and I needed to go to my junior academy it was just across town. This junior academies. Oh what is it about? A hundred and three hundred and five years old at his. Wow but they had never had any African American students to come to this school so in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight my friend Melanie. I became the first African American students that were ever in that. So were ninth grade The very first assembly the principal gets up and says I understand. There's a girl here that can play piano. Her name is Gail Jones. We're going to ask her to come up and lick. I was nervous. This was my first time being insured. These up close and personal the White America Lonning I. I knew I knew we in our city. I knew when I wrote the regular city bus. I needed to sit in the back as a child. I knew that I couldn't sit in the front. Because that was not reserved for colored people. I knew about color. Water fountains restroom facilities. That were less. They end for Looks like me. I grew up not ever going to arrest shop because there was a place that would serve him. I remember growing up knowing to my doctor will People come around to the side door. Only white people come in through the front so I knew that so ran. I got a chance to go to this academy. I'm saying these are my cells. They have been to Christian friends. Shirley things will be different so I called up to play at the assembly and all my new classmates just jumped in sheer And I was like. Oh Kay wonderful. I realized then that gift of music was going to open doors and make room for me. Where something else would not so. I enjoy making wonderful friends friends. Who had blond hair and reate here and Brunette hero various shades because that was not something. I was accustomed to I remember. Running homeboy first day of school month is so how was it? How mom there's so many different shades a pair and I color or I didn't know that so I loved it and I'm adventurous. And I find found myself. D- join making friends with people and they enjoy making friends with me but I did experience some issues. I remember my tenth grade year. We had a special assignment to go out and pass out tracks And for as many tracks as you pass out you could increase your grade. Average in the Bible flat really. Yeah so I was excited at wet dot. You know. The next day was the they were driven out with school. So that I could go in. I was told by both my homeroom teacher and the principal that I could not go. They were afraid for a black girl to be in the crowd with White Students in Memphis Tennessee. And so I could not get the extra credit and the teacher says it doesn't matter because besides you have a average anyway. That's not what bothered me. What bothered me was my friend. Sitting next to me has c average and today he had a day effort that bothered me because he never studied. Didn't he didn't do the work in our realize they're always going to be inequality is always going to be injustice but I need to not let that stop me from being low us and stopped me from pursuing greatness so I would law on through it I could sit there and be angry or tried to speak out or do something so I just get rolling Left Ear Inn went to highland academy is important to the sea just above forty miles or so north of Nashville when I arrived I've witnessed because my my friends from Mrs Junior Academy we're going. There was just agile segway. I had so many wonderful phrase I wanted to continue going to school with them so while highly handy. I realized quickly I mean within the first five minutes I was. The only black student built like a chocolate chip in vanilla ice cream factory. Were you the first one and I was there. And they made up a rule in the handbook for me. They knew are coming. And there was the rule that said bow shalt not wear any outrageous hairdo such as Afros. Sure yes sir So I wore as many as I cool but I enjoyed my highland academy experience. I learned some valuable lessons. I didn't let Racial inequality stopped me from pursuing what I knew I needed to do. I was there to get my education. Most of the students were very tied in very gracious but Getting their upbringing and background literally would not fit next to me. Wouldn associate with me and talk with me because he had some know racial slurs and some derogatory words for me but I knew I could rise above that because I knew I was gonna see. My parents raised me to believe that I was no less or new better than anyone else that we all lit blue cross. And everybody's blood was the same color. Jesus die for all of us and so. I just didn't let what their ignorance. I didn't have to be direct because they understand. One particular incident was a principal of my academy calls me in for playing for Chapel. The song was Oh when the saints go marching. You allow me. Platelet yes please. It was chapel on that Thursday and the students love this song because I would lay it with all my heart so it goes.

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