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For Mandy should be back on Monday. Yesterday. We spent some time critiquing the A news story. That quoted a Biden spokesperson and some analysts that NBC NBC TV The Biden spokesperson was criticizing Donald Trump. For the slow rollout of operation works, speed and the delivery of the vaccine. And the NBC analyst said, You know, at this rate or this pace His exact word at this pace. It'll take 10 years for Americans. As a whole to have access to this vaccine. Uh, my reaction of that was was the following. This is the early stages of the rollout. I give the Trump administration credit for their Anticipatory structuring of operation warp speed so that we could hit the ground running if not sprinting when the vaccine became available. Also, the vaccine makers apparently were manufacturing the vaccine even before the FDA approved it, assuming that they get FDA approval, and as such, it would be more ready available than if they waited until that approval came before they started manufacturing, getting back to the so called analyst on NBC. I guess if he did the math and talked about how much has been delivered so far, he could say at this pace that we would take 10 years. But why extrapolated the first week or so of this to 10 years? Obviously, the pace is going to be greatly accelerated. If not heads on a roll, and it won't be Trump's fault because he will, assuming Biden is inaugurated on January. 20th. If if this pace maintain that it's currently lower level for the first four years of a bright, inviting presidency, people would be understandably upset about that. But just Tomo hyperbolically make it seem as if this is malfeasance on the part of this administration in this last couple of weeks is typically kind of bias we get from the liberal networks in any event. For a more reasoned explanation. Someone who can answer your questions, and I'm sure you have you will have many. Dr. Roger Klein joins us again. We had him on the show before. Not only is in MD, but he's also a lawyer. He's worked with a number of government departments and agencies, including the Federal Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control, Health and Human Services. He's gonna explain the vaccine itself. What the danger of an allergic reaction or a side effect might be. And let's also talk about who's producing it, how they're producing. And what the differences between the two vaccines and take any questions you might have. Let me throw out the telephone number and you could start queuing up three or three. 713 85 85 our telephone number. Dr. Klein. Good to have you with us again. I'm like. Thanks for having me. You heard my explanation of at this pace it'll make it'll take 10 years. What do you make of that? Yeah. Yeah, I I just You just you can you just shrug your shoulders? You don't know what to say. I mean, this here we have this remarkable accomplishment. Uh, an unprecedented historic accomplishment to bring two vaccines. Now we have Available for more American than you have. You have already criticism. And if the one Donald Trump everybody else would be, we'd be cheering and they just don't want to give this guy credit for anything. I mean, I I I would just, You know, we're at the point where we It's very difficult about these issues to look into. To anything, the media thing. This vaccine took 11 months to come to finality and distribution. From what I've read the earliest in history before this Franny vaccine was four years. It was. No, you're right. That's pretty good, remarkable accomplishment. And there were critics when Trump said. It'll be available by the end of the year. And he said this back 173 months ago, there were people saying no clinical testing, and sometimes that takes two or three years will be lucky if we have it even by the end of 2021. Well, who was right? He was right. And I well, you know that's probably went down is one of his life. You know the life I think when he hears out to be right, But no, I think that's very frustrating. But I mean, look, they're just getting Rome. Getting going with this, and I think you know, I think it's going to work out. Fine. We really I mean, I have a different opinion that you know, I think the most important thing is to vote to get the elderly in the vulnerable vaccinated the people Halftime from this, And once that happens, it's more or less over is a public health crisis. You know that. You know if we get away from the particularly maybe the 65 up group, but even higher than that, once we get away from that No, it's it's going to be people choice. A lot of people probably decide not to take it. In many, many millions of people have been infected, many more than has been reported his cases. All right. Let's talk about the two vaccines, The visor bio in tech vaccine and the Moderna vaccine. What is the difference is one of the similarities They're similar in the sense that both using new technology are in a technology, which is which allows it allows up Taken T O human into people felt get the vaccine of coding sequence set that helped them produce a protein against what you could develop immunity and and this is a new technique allowed them to move. Faster, and I don't believe there been any improved vaccines using our innate technology, so both of them are similar in that respect. The prominent Justin from practical sampling is is that the visor vaccine requires extreme temperature conditions for preservation. Where is where is the modern of acting needs to be cool to very low temperatures, but not anything approaching? What? What The price of everything needs to be Oh, needs that have as a storage of vehicle with which one are we partnered with a German company? Uh, well, the fighter is is partnered with the German company Bio intact so well..

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