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Probably just partying with them and they got separated and another girl on the boat picture of a huge blood. Splatter staying on the on the deck of the ship which is on this. Big dateline is hold dateline report on this and and so it was. Obviously something happened but his body was never recovered. There in the middle of. I believe the caribbean or the mediterranean lake. Obviously he was shark bait like high. Weren't gonna find anything. But on she was on the talk show circuit aunt with like oprah and mike scarborough country in all these shows and i think people found that she did not appear to be a sympathetic wife like she wasn't mauling crying she wasn't people thought maybe she married him for you. Know it's like everybody's immagination takes off. But like i don't think she had a ton of money to speak of so it wasn't like an insurance really actually knowing her. I really don't think she had anything to do with This disappearance sush murder But it was scandalous. And i was actually on dateline when they when they were investigating it. I was working at nbc. One of my friends worked datelines. Like did anybody here go to this college again. I was like oh. I went there and you do. You know this girl who's has been destroyed like yeah. We played softball the interview on like okay like dragons be on tv. In like i was all in. And then i went on and i just sort of talk generally about her and it was so embarrassing because first of all my hair make. They don't do that and second of all they like. Took a bunch of me like walking downstairs slowly and they took an old picture of me and my softball team that this girl is in. My eyes are closed. And i maybe the fattest i've ever been and focus on my face. Dateline was like oh we focus on your face. Only the winter her face so i wasn't super happy with datelines production. But it was a really. It's a really crazy sort of unsolved case. That is also interesting because his parents believe jen. The girl who was married to who. I knew were going trying to take on the cruise line because those i don't know anyone that's been on a cruise like there's cameras everywhere and they acted like they had nothing on tape of like where this guy was or what happened or anything like how did this. Latter staying get like. This was a huge stain on the deck. And it's just very scandalous that they won't like kind of let this information out because people think they're scared about getting sued or whatever so. I know that they need a lifetime. Who've we've added another dateline about it you can search into it. More a dateline. If you wanna google eric. Link in few clues found in honeymoon. Disappearance will take you right to the link because very sterry will result for myself well and that was my hometown murderer. Hope you guys enjoyed that. Thank you guys for listening. I'm karen clank again. The host of that's messed up and svu podcast along with my co-host the hilarious liza traeger our podcast comes out every tuesday on exactly right and give us a listen. If you're so inclined. And before i leave i just want to tell you. Stay sexy and do not get murdered. Elvis want a cookie..

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