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Christie lee at the news desk. We missed anything else. Being gary driver in taxes has been cited for using the carpool lane with a skeleton in his passenger seat. Put clothes on it. According to authorities in harris county the deputies had a feeling in their bones that something wasn't right than they spotted. Yeah the vehicle in the high occupancy vehicle lanes votto shared on. Facebook showed a baseball cap wearing skeleton. Early buckled into the car's passenger seat deputies issued the driver a bona fide citation swertz close to flockhart and following a sternum lecture bone bone voyage over there. Writers i do. I do like bone voyage thirties to be some sort journalistic committee. That limits. the amount of puns. You're able to do on facebook and it's a little fun time and this is Like you said it's. I'm look at a picture of it. It's a skeleton with a hat on. This guy was not going to get away with this really. Would've if he hadn't driven by. Maybe put some clothes on. Yeah have to cover okay. Skull to his skull. What's the funniest baseball team to put on a hat of a skeleton of the angels the pirates. Yeah yeah that'd be very good the guardians. No oh here. We go finds a way. Doesn't it gets a seattle. Business is now offering weddings inside a shipping container. Doing everything shipping container. They are bringing people in illegally locking a happy extravagance. Big shipping rush rush people. You can look you. Don't like the facts stack them. Just right twelve russian women. Tv news reports that shotgun ceremonies as america's only shipping container wedding dj. There's a tv station k. i. n. g. yes seattle. Seattle great cain. Tv they're the best news coming up. Do they have a mascot. I don't know. I don't live in seattle nepi greg king news. Here's the news court jester. it'd be great located at the georgetown trailer park mall. The shipping container painted pink on the inside features he collected retro inspired decor. The container fits to two chairs for any guests in attendance owner bronwyn. Stevenson said couples can get married for three hundred and fifty dollars though getting married by an elvis impersonator. Goss jill little more elvis impersonator. By the way is the is a guy by the name of shane. Coburn oh good no. I didn't say that it's shane cobaine. Who stevenson is related to kurt. Cobain did not specify how yeah. She's talking about shotgun wedding well. Well by the way shane. Cobaine is a longtime traffic reporter on local radio. And just in case you are interested. Pets are allowed at this wedding sir. Yes it's exquisitely tacky. Oh yeah well. It's fun it would be fun. It is pink on the inside. I'm looking at it It's a good excuse not to have a lot of people. You're they're all pink on the inside. Look wow it is little. I'm glad pets are a lot of these ceremony christie. Have you ever been a wedding where there was an animal. My first wedding. Both of my dogs were involved Yes we walked down the aisle with them and then held the somebody else took them. We what pack. Who said that. The dogs were the bright smith. Were gorgeous. You stop it gorgeous. The way they look he just meant that they would like peanut. Butter would stop here. We go very funny Now have we missed anything in the news at all. Police are investigating a report of shooting after an unidentified man received treatment saturday at passover area hospital and illinois cass county. Sheriff dev ron o'hearn said the man told police he and family members were trying out bulletproof vests when he allowed another person to shoot out. Doesn't do that said and i quote something like this is definitely not a good idea of research. We don't know how much about what happened because he wasn't saying but a bulletproof vest is not a catch all. Hope you say there's boy member. The was the video of the guy took a phone book. Yes you said you can shoot a bullet through this up. i'll be protected. He wasn't was he wasn't protect. No no yeah i. I think there's would be wasted. And i think technically called bullet resistant. Yeah i view and it hurts. apparently you feel it. I don't wanna know ever break. It'll break your ribs and couldn't you test that on. Uh some kind of a dummy mashed potato dummy. Or it'd be a little less a pallet cleanser okay. We haven't heard from ace to you. Know what we were about to not trailer for the new invisible man. Movie terrorizes the hospital. Won't go the icu. Well worth well delivered. I did not see that coming. The i c. I get it Is it time for today in history. I could be my story. Never stopped at the most is when we discover it together. And here's okay. This'll be a quiz for you. Kristie eighteen eighty. This man became the director of the united states. Marine corps band. Oh my god have you hand. Francis scott key John souza john philip. Susanna and of course what instrument was he instrumental the rating sousaphone. And what is the sousaphone tuba with. What distinction It's smaller no this one. That is the bell pointing toward the crowd. You see primarily using marching bands. Yeah you know the one thing about marching band came up with the gate from machine away keytar okay all right here. We go nineteen The ford motor company unveils. The model t. I thought that was last week. I thought that was last week to recover. That was the model t after the model eight through the peak of.

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