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Four rag narok rocked enrolled the box office with a one hundred twenty million dollar debutmaking at the 17th straight number one opening for movies in the marvel cinematic universe the third dora film performed better than both of its predecessors with a forty one percent higher opening than 2013 store the dark world and an eighty four percent increase over the original thorpe flick corresponded rick della jammeh in hollywood second place this week a bad moms christmas debuted nearly twenty two million dollars rounding out this week's topfive jigsaw tyler perry's butu ngos storm there will be no new episodes of the tonight show this week after the death of glory fallon the mother of hosted jimmy fallon she was sixty eight rich johnson iran courtesy in hong kong let's get the latest on this hours top business stories and the markets shares of kingdom holdings slid almost eight percent in saudi arabian trading over the weekend billionaire investor prince alwalid bin talal was among those picked up in an anticorruption campaign softbank says it plans to boost its stake in sprint that's after talks between softbank and deutsche telekom broke down the two had planned to merge their sprint and tmobile us units more from bloomberg susanna palmer softbank says it will increase its stake in sprint the open market transactions but sprint says it does not intend to increase its stake to eighty five.

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