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Then you know, then I was teaching a lot. But I wouldn't bet anyway, so I was always in sales. It didn't matter whether your ice skating or working for a bank or Salem Media, which I work for. Okay. While you know it's all a sales job, whether you're selling a bank products or selling yourself to the audience, and so I worked, Um As they commissioned sales agent there and then in 7 4000 and eight I began teaching at Ice Palace. Where I event what Woz for the last 12 13 years. And that I was doing and that's what I've always done. I started skating at the age of seven. No, it was a good part of my life. And that got taken away from a lot of us. I mean, not just me as a zoo working person, but The kids that are still waiting for the ice rink open and to finish their testing. I thought Some students. I had to say goodbye to them all on November, 20th, which was very hard to do. Yeah, but so have gold right? And some of those may not be able to keep the those goals through what they're stating what they wanted, where they wanted to go with that. Well, I wanted a this year that be like one of your students, actually, um, is the daughter of, um Of how of Howard Net are listening manager and you know, he had said that because of the you know the pandemic and shut down. I mean, she loved ice skating, and then it got to just shut down and then No. Clearly she can't like Do zoom, ice skating, or, you know, like there's really no Um, you know, you can't replace that. So now she's kind of You know that? It's just not her thing. It's like moved on. When lost that opportunity. Yeah, we have some kids doing it on. I think one of our coach is one of the coaches. There is going to start it back up. We were doing off ice training three days a week at Nick's Dance studio. Next performing art. Yeah. We were doing it there, and that's going to be starting back up because it's good for the kids as well. They keep busy, right, But it's just a.

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