Schiller, Ipads, Twitter discussed on iMore show - 564: Perspective taking


Yes it's done through the marketing department and fill schiller should be very proud of this but you know there are so many examples of people who use ipads as primary computers and there are as many arguments from the other side most of which are on twitter that dismiss those is not being credible or credulous and i find that to be so absurd the computer for you or me the mac book in my bag does just is is is very important to me but to say that the ipad in my sixty year old cousins book bag is not as important to him or her is is ridiculous and you know it's it's something it's just a it's it's your right it's an obstructionist argument and i find that to be extremely it's almost like it's it's immature it's a way that you're you're you're you're cutting off yourself from the larger narratives of of of of computing especially especially when there is a smartphone in in that pocket i mean josh roots of polski has a smartphone he knows how smartphones have changed his life and yet he reduces the ipad to a lesser mac book it to me that is just a crazy argument i don't want to agree drought obviously deserves it because he tweeted what he tweeted but your twitter is a realtime medium and it it geared towards don't wanna say drunk tweeting in this case but it's geared towards what of angry reactionary highly attentiongrabbing tweets and in people does piled on on both sides a from that point i think it did bring out a sentiment was that was lurking their traja adding that in in like our our field of technology that we also have this need for a media scene and by people get really people feel very like these devices are on i very personal to us and so i think that that's why comes out to such really strong emotional arguments from people when something is taken away something isn't the way that they think that it should be and in fact their life in a way that they don't want it to be and so sometimes we may be more reactive then what would be if it was in more than one hundred forty characters.

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