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A prime 5 to 1 to 4 to 27 bottom of the hour. CBS Sports update time. Here's Mike McCann. See me where sports flag. All right, Jodi. The pandemic again, upsetting the apple cart that we call the world of Sports. The San Francisco 40. Niners are for the next 21 days, a team without a home due to a covert surge in their home county. Santa Clara, California declaring a three week ban on all sports, the Niners Sunday game against the Rams in L, a not affected, but next week. It's a different story. They're supposed to host the bills Monday night, December 7th at Levi Stadium, but they can't access the stadium. They're also locked out of their Santa Clara County practice facility not to get ahead of the story, but nearby venues such as Oracle Park in San Francisco, which has hosted college football. And the Oakland Coliseum left vacant by the Raiders remain available. Since they're in different Northern California counties onto the Broncos story. They still have not finalized. Quarterback plans After having all four the organization's cubes ruled in eligible because of close contact without a mask with Jeff Driscoll, who tested positive A few days ago. Kendall Hinton, whose last significant play at the position was back in 2015 at Wake Forest these days, he's a practice squad. Why Receiver hidden is the leading candidate to fill in for tomorrow's game against the Saints says it now Denver versus the world and still on the schedule, but it is a very fluid situation. Lions After going 13 29 and one the last 2.5 years have fired head coach Matt Patricia. As well as GM Bob Quinn. Sundays Must seize Tom Brady versus Patrick, the homes the greatest ever and the Games ascending star on the same field as the Buccaneers entertained the defending chiefs, who are off to a nine and one start Sunday, nighters serving up forever arrivals, the Bears and Packers in Green Bay out of college football. The two games we've been following tonight are both in the books Number five, Texas A and M Knocking off Ellis You 20 to 7/9, ranked Georgia of 45 16 win over South Carolina wins earlier in the day for number one Alabama number three Clemson Mike Tyson Roy Jones Jr a combined 105.

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