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Be 21 Please play responsibly for help visit empty gambling helped on work or one 800 gambler Good morning it's 7 18 Back to Jack Taylor now in the traffic center Well the good news in Maryland will be in Montgomery county on two 70 headed in the southbound direction we'd had a wreck that was after middlebrook merged on but before Watkins mill everything's been moved over onto the right shoulder so it now at least all your travel lanes are open Top side of the beltway out of the little heavy New Hampshire towards Georgia avenue We'd had word of a broken down vehicle out before Connecticut avenue I think that moved on BW Parkway south getting a little busier around one 75 We're clear between the beltways on 95 without delay Branch avenue south down near Oxford roader reported wreck watch on four 50 and apples road west near princess garden Parkway we had reports of a crash and there may have been an incident two 70 local lanes northbound between shady grove and three 70 really not cause as much of a delay Hopefully that's out of the roadway All right 66 is slow leaving manassas headed east First before 29 in senator villa crash in the left center lane before the fairfax county park where there's broken down truck that was in the right lane On 7 eastbound and rest in before rest in Parkway that crash had been on the left lane Everything's over on the shoulder not causing a delay 95 southbound after the fairfax county Parkway crash is sitting out of the roadway Now carefully and woodbridge checking on route one near featherstone road We've got reports of a vehicle off the roadway and they bumped into the building In the district Pennsylvania avenue west after southeast boulevard a reported crash eastern avenue east pana Minnesota avenue crash cleanup followed police direction Looking for a fresh start silver diner has you covered from plant based options to gluten free to under 600 calorie entrees silver diner offers choices for how you live and a healthy dose of what you crave Jack Taylor WTP traffic All right Mike cinemart here has our forecast and Mike it looks like we're starting off with a pretty nice morning around here We are We have some flurries overnight They moved off to the east before sunrise skies.

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