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Trump was supposed to be in western pennsylvania for help republican rick sakorn keeper congressional seat at the gop has half for years the special election is tuesday the polls are tight but mr trump was winging it widely as he addressed a saturday night crowd there were nicknames and insults for many people not on the ballot he'll sort thoughts on the next election and oprah winfrey as well at love oprah to win i'd love to beat out for i know her weakness no no i know are we were questioned in tuesday's congressional races those mr trump have some weaknesses tool president trump he wants to be able to continue to brag and say this is trump country and it's a place where i've been able to maintain support since the election since delivering tax cuts and these new tariffs on aluminum and steel but if president trump and republicans lose this district to a centrist democrat it's possibly a sign of things to come during midterm elections later this year serbia of news correspondent all border in northern california there's warning and reflection on fridays apparent murder suicide at a veterans home police say former resident undecorated war veteran albert wong killed three female employees of pathway home north of san francisco yacht role california mayor john dunbar iran members of the pathway on family in the yountville family loss three beautiful people yesterday we also lost one of our heroes who clearly had demons planned pomona california near la is mourning the death of one police officer hoping for the recovery of another both allegedly shot by a man now in custody following of fifteen hour standoff with a swath team the past ten days or so whether did a real number on which of the northeast wbz radio's kim tunnicliff has been in march field massachusetts checking on recovery efforts steady stream of residents from march field situated in.

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