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Time of extreme sorrow to officer capri owes family we support them that their loved one is never going to be forgot soon nickerson talk with them she's president of the maryland chapter of concerns of police survivors they help the family of those officers killed in the line of duty she lost her son the same way tennessee eight with exactly the numbness and the the historical net of what is going on with them at that moment ski wbz newsradio ten nine viewing for officer caprio will be tomorrow afternoon from two until five and then from seven to nine tomorrow night the funeral home in nottingham her funeral set for friday morning ten at the mountain christian church in joppa berry albeit salinas valley memorial gardens coming up a police involved shooting and fire in dundalk twelve o six on wbal news now wpa newsradio ten nine traffic out a little bit essex finally after two and a half hours what's left of a car fire cleared the lanes are open now there are no delays heading through annapolis would avoid the naval academy bridge it's a mess trying to get into annapolis right now because the proceedings at the naval academy today there are also delays on row boulevard heading over toward navy marine corps stadium in downtown annapolis is really pretty socked in with traffic the naval academy bridge closes from one forty five until four o'clock today because of activities at the naval academy westbound span of the bay bridge you will find the left lane blocked by midday work forty westbound at the hayden bridge you lose the right side ninety five southbound between eastern and boston the right lane closed and northbound in that same stretch it is i the right then the left lane shut down beltway traffic around the rest of the.

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