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You every body picked them to win eighty kuwaiti pregame that year the guy one ninety one games whatever wide when maybe twogame i should be up for dirty here but he's not going to do of course in apparel yankee cap toyota payroll yankees average the big plays on his team are really not make a lot of money let's it's waste here we got murky brain hormone ingraham october no no no less and less and less be worry thanks for the call that you be very rational here you really are bought when you get here when you could smell it when you can taste it you're going to be a little rational i didn't expect the mets to be the world series in 2015 that didn't make me all of a sudden become relaxed i went crazy so i understand what you're trying to say but once you're there you can't expect lau what did you think it march well it's not march anymore it's october and the yankees abba chance to win but for any body as a lot of guys the station like this or around the station at the cbs sports nowhere to who just sarah rational things about joe girardi if you really think you such an awful manager watch all of baseball matches the yankees and they get back to me on who's a good manager we think it dusty baker what do you think joe mad at a great joe madden we think of him i think he's fantastic you think he's great would you think a net joost a couple of years ago you thought he was a miller huggins would you think of our guy terry collins did he confusion with casey stangl like there are a lot of managers out there that in my opinion are not as good as joe dirani right observer because if we were in chicago right now maybe it's different 'cause they won the title so let's just say joe madden was managing in new york what do you think we'd be saying about him right now and then he makes a.

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