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J i osmo maceda gin deep don't tweet me talk about would you say during the show it they will valleys or go back to the podcast dj i osmo is a handheld device that you put your cell phone and and it turns a cell phone into a movie studio camera october moshe stabiliser fix stone one object and it will follow them and the best part is it's got this trigger to identikit flip your phone containing from recording two pictures it could flip it from four facing or rear facing dog i feel like i work at paramount pictures right now because i got this dji osbone is only two on i should say only because some people to an two hundred dollars and go on amazon you get if you got that kind of money it is so lit atlanta first soccer game tomorrow i'm a film aloma with motion picture studio quayle way way way way what were his soccer through his fainting inigo euro gangland scores already settled zero zero people having to do they actually raise your son turn any as a soccer game already down here they led three they stand near la oh yeah he'll he'll be a mover for them they don't move the ball comes to them if it hits them nail kick it yeah but they're not they're not to my daughter will be one next whether you're telling me in another year she you'd be playing soccer whatever she is sheer right now because it bill maher me mad fact no megan loaf seat four low uniformly this texted me right della day.

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