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The broader picture in terms of tenure paper and in terms of those rate hikes muggy writer fridays on hey will is going to be very very key to keep an eye on i mean it is a high frequency number so does move around a lot but it's something that we keeping a close eye on still are in our house view is three rate hikes this year so it's kind of fit but probably a little bit more aggressive we still feel that the fed kind of came up the lost on us dovish notes so we need to see what the the the i mean pm i was pretty good the last few prints the latest one yesterday was good and like you said nonfarm payrolls and fight is going to be key to see tenure goes alipay and his tenure is still going to finish this time next year with a three handle probably three twenty but would it be surprised if we if we see a flat to to safety and we get to seventy five hundred ten years or even saudi low in the shorter you probably get a call from bill gross saying well done you you've just how buca jeffrey kahn lucky very lucky he'd probably tweeted out for you as well where are we in terms of volatility you talk about two point seven five percent in three percent if you look at the mall vendex which is the merrill lynch volatility index on your world we spite to those levels that we saw in january this is when gunnlaug gross we're talking about at much higher much higher us we subsequently come back are we going to see an explosion in volatility in the bond market i think the explosion is more inequity now and like you said we've seen the volatility which was the tenure move from two fifty two to ninety that was a big move what is the what for us is a catalyst for a new move well we need some sort of surprise of the fed action and we don't think we're going to get with the new governor off for at least the short term maybe a massive number out of a.

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