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There's a lady driving. She rear ends this late in the toyota. Her car ricocheted off another car and then get into the center divider divider. Oh yeah you kinda wondering how that happened but the picture of it yeah of course uh-huh seamlessly oh yeah see made it through sixty one years as a male may never killed anyone on the road and then transition slaughterhouse technically. I think it was the hormones. There's the same hormone words forcing through ooh the issue all right. Let's do the news show with and break. All those crazy trump tweets for gina grad drop drug fell gene the news with gene grad well they believe either you predicted this gaga's predicted this but there are new developments with the weinstein case and that can has been kicked down the road. Are you seeing sexual assault trial which was supposed to begin in. Just a couple of weeks has been pushed to january so the disgraced movie mogul was in a new york courtroom monday and pleaded not guilty to another indictment that had to new you charges. A predatory sexual assault related to sopranos actress annabella shura. She played gloria trillo. If you remember one of tony's many love interests but do you think <hes> weinstein has a girlfriend right now. I don't see how that's pa probably really well first off. Yeah people you know serial killers go to prison and all the fucking time he's horny and didn't donald sterling of like a young hot yeah never yeah she wore like a welding mask seat stormtrooper so he's horny and he's rich and he's got a lot of time on his hands and jesse never stopped anyone you know o._j.'s bang and someone right now i mean this doesn't and slow down or the dudes now i would say. It's better chance than other girlfriend but but he doesn't have anything left. It's not like he can y- it. Why would i bet he's got nice pan manhattan or whatever. I don't know i got a girl. Why would you don't have anything. I haven't all those assets and and freezing and seized and i don't know i wouldn't imagine there'd be a lot to offer and be i would imagine that's why she'd be around but who i've no idea it s problem. Have you seen this with these guys. Who are maybe not super educated orange prison. They immediately have many hobbies zero dollars. I think it's rational assailing take a great point documentary anything so she claims that weinstein raped her in her apartment in nineteen. Ninety-three weinstein's is you. You said you're a skier at the same per. I thought it was pronounced sheera but it's the same woman same person. <hes> weinstein's attorneys told the judge that since the new indictment present some significant legal issues the trial will be delayed until january it was scheduled for september weinstein pleaded not guilty to all the charges charges against him now. The statue of limitations has run out on her allegation but the prosecutors issued the indictment in case they wanna call her to testify at the trial so that's how they got to push back to january think they prep these guys. They put them like that. Tell them where pastels in the courtroom won't look as menacing. You know think they're telling them you. He got to lose forty. Pounds won't look menacing like you won't like there's there's a thing yeah. The harveys at the counter guy asked me not take orders from it. No i know but i wonder if they're asked <hes> like you know we we all know brian banks was in here and he got accused of rape and i think a lot of it was his physicality size. We kind of oh. He's a black man but urkel may not have got the julia white may have may have not done any prison time this is this guy were no doesn't mean no because of his physicality..

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