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Was huge. Definitely top 10, probably top five. At least I wouldn't think very, very big. I would imagine you. This is one of my favorites. I think her vocal on this. I could understand why one of mine too. You can really hear Karen's voice. It's just just the way it's produced. Just near perfect. Pretty amazing. All right, so let us focus on the job market this morning. Yeah, That's what the markets you're focusing on. Economists expect us strong report from the Labor Department just about seven minutes from now. They think it will show that about one million jobs were added last month, pushing the nation's unemployment rate down 2/10 of a percentage point to 5.8% little bit of debate as to whether blowout report would be really good or really bad for Wall Street. We're getting to that point, Maybe where Good news for Main Street is bad news for Wall Street will see you can never win, Can you? You know if the report is too strong, then they start worthy. Investors start to worry about what the Fed might do. Tightening monetary policy, of course. If it's not strong enough, and they worry that the economy is not recovering properly. All right, so let's talk about travel, and Expedia has some information. Yeah, Their quarterly results were stronger than expected, Expedia says People are traveling again. CEO Peter Kearns says the travel industry is in what he calls a study in contrasts, He says there's been a surge in domestic travel to beaches and outdoor destinations, He says vacation rentals are strong, but demand for international and business travel and conventional lodging is still challenged. He says Tourists are not very interested. Right now in visiting major cities. Oh, all right. So here's Here's a conundrum. So what if you own a movie theater? But there's really nothing to show AMC could write the book on that Ted there they re opened most of their 600 theaters. AMC Entertainment says sold about $150 Million worth of tickets over the last three months. By comparison in its best quarter, which was two years ago. A M sees revenue was 10 times higher than that, all right, And let's talk about cash discounts because that that sounds pretty good. We have some small businesses bringing back these discounts because they're fed up with the so called swipe fees they pay every time a customer uses a credit or debit card. A lot of customers switched from cash to plastic during the pandemic out of sanitary concerns, And that meant more fees that cut into profits. The consulting firm C. M S P, I says he's the small shops pay. Could be 2.8% in stores and they can top 3% on lines are significant. Wow, definitely all right product recall. This is important. It is 200,000 kids, smoke detectors and combination smoke carbon monoxide alarms of being recalled. They might fail to sound on alert in a fire. They recall this for seven models of kid a true sense alarms. They were sold nationwide by Wal Mart, Amazon, Home Depot and other retailers. From May of 2019 up through last September. And I'm gonna assume Jeff that you're all tatted up. I'm sure you have, you know, just inked. From head to toe. No, no. No tattoos, no piercings. But a lot of people did the change that over the during the course of the pandemic. Lot of tattoo parlors closed, But many of the ones that survived are doing a lot of business. This, according to USA Today, Ah, one tattoo shop owner says he thinks some people are deciding to get ink because they're just bored. One owner says he was getting so many requests at one point that he had to turn off his business phone. What Really? Wow. All right. Maybe it's time to open a tattoo shop Jeff Bellenger from Bloomberg. Always a pleasure will take you out with a little Karen Carpenter, because, Okay, that's always a good great weekend and talk to you Monday. We'll talk to you Monday. The cruise industry taking a hard line stance on vaccine passports, plus traffic and weather. Local news time.

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