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Be great at the age of twenty four, but again that is what this is. This is all time together for a status. What makes the two thousand seventeen? NFL draft so great. They got this gem of a player. That only comes along once in a generation. It seems to this point again. It could fall off the blue. Don't expect that to happen. This seems like right now. A generational player John, one of our most popular articles last week, was the percentage of cap article for Patrick Mahomes in your own estimation. Does this happen? I think there's at least a possibility at happens, but I think largely depends on factors that are beyond the chiefs control. And what I'm talking about is whether or not the salary cap continues to go up in twenty twenty one. The chiefs are going to be short a lot of players. In this next season if they win the Super Bowl, they're not going to be able to return twenty of twenty two starters, even if the salary cap goes up because they're going to have to make some kind of a contract with Patrick Mahomes, they're going to have to retain some of their players to free agent contracts. They do have a lot of cap space next year, but it's going to go away very quickly when they start making those kinds of moves. So if they don't have as much cap space to work with. In twenty twenty one, because the salary cap decreases, then that increases the likelihood that Patrick mahomes will get some kind of a percentage of cap deal. I think it's important to say. That doesn't necessarily mean that. His entire compensation will be based on a percentage of CAP. There will be some kind of significant salary bonus whatever that is a fixed amount. So. You know you should expect to see this. We're just GONNA pay. Patrick, mahomes seventeen percent of the CAP I. It's going to happen. I feel we're going to see. Is Bashar Mahomes gets the signing bonus of this size and he's going to get this. You'll reality of this size, and then we're going to give him. Five percent of the CAP or three percent of the cap so that he gets to. Gets, a taste of the increase of the salary cap over the years and continues to make more money, but it doesn't come at a cost of or so much of a cost of making it difficult to acquire players to play alongside, so many fans are so worried about a future mahomes contract, which he deserves ruining.

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