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Here. Whether we really learn all that remains to be seen at city hall Bill Cameron WLS less eight ninety near the former head of Maryville academy who was forced out after being accused of sexually abusing minors has passed away. Our Nick gale has that story. Sources confirmed that father John Smith died Tuesday at the age of eighty four earlier this year, the archdiocese of Chicago had asked him to step aside from ministry after the archdiocese received began investigating the allegations of abusing minors. The archdiocese has not said how many children were involved or whether they had been living at Maryville academy at the time. The allegations have been referred to the department of children and family services after Smith was removed. Supporters had sent a letter to the church saying they were upset with the handling of the case because it should have remained a private affair Smith served as superintendent of Maryville for thirty years before becoming president of Notre Dame college prep in Niles where he served from twenty seven to twenty fourteen Nick. Gail WLS AM. Eight ninety news archdiocese of Chicago, parishes, churches and worship sites rang. Their bells this morning and moving tribute to the tragedy at Notre Dame cathedral. Bells of churches across France rang today as well as firefighters and experts continued to keep the beloved but fire devastated landmark under close. Surveillance and Colorado's governor says that he and all the states parents are hugging their children a little tighter. After a young Florida woman armed and obsessed with the Columbine attack was found dead apparently of a self inflicted gunshot wound her threats forced the closure of nineteen school districts in Colorado WLS news time three oh. Three on.

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