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Between leaders of the nations have focused on nuclear weapons this time. Big focus on cyber attacks, with many recent attacks coming from Russian soil. ABC Chief Justice correspondent Peter Thomas law enforcement officials want to know how can Biden Calibrate this without escalating this because a lot of law enforcement officials are telling me it could get a lot West a lot more difficult if the Russians choose to make this more intensifying because they can shut down the electrical grid sources are telling me they can do things to the water supply. So the key is How can Biden press the Russians but not escalate the situation? In addition to cybersecurity, there could be discussions of a prisoner exchange that would release two former U. S. Marines serving prison sentences. In Russia. Dave Packer ABC News More than four million in Massachusetts have now been fully vaccinated against coronavirus as the nation marks another milestone more than 600,000 dead from this illness. New research suggests coronavirus may have arrived in Massachusetts long before the first case was officially diagnosed. Evidence shows it may have been lurking in at least one patient as early as December. 2019. The first known case was officially reported in this state on February 1st. Study takes a look at long term health issues associated with Covid 19. The study looked at two million Americans who got the coronavirus last year and found that 23% of them had to see a doctor for something else a month or more after they were sick, Nonprofit Fair health conducted the study and found the most common new health issues included pain, breathing difficulties, high cholesterol, fatigue and high blood pressure, They say. Even people who were asymptomatic of reporting new health problems now, and researchers say this is particularly important because some people may not Even though they had covid but are now experiencing new medical issues that could be associated with it. Stacey Lynn CBS news vaccination effort is continuing to chug along here in Massachusetts, but now The shots start arriving by train, so the program is called Vax Express, where commuter rail cars are transformed into vaccination clinics for four hours at a time. The Blue Hill have t stop here in Mattapan is the first location offering the fighter and J and J Vaccine the Mbita working with several.

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