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A big old sliced tomato. Oh yes get some barada up in there too. That sounds awesome. Thanks for the call. Andre so i guess i'm just wondering from both of you each what you what you would suggest to folks who maybe were like me before the segment. We're like sandwiches. aren't my jam. Bring us on board. Get it not my jam. I did not agenda that. I'm with you. I'm with you trying to butter me up. I got it You know. I would just say things that you like to eat. Try to invent sandwich with it. You know like. I mean we do one. I make the pistachio pesto at home. That gets consumed with everything and we do pulled chicken sandwiches with the pistachio. Pesto on a little like garlic bread. You know just for a quick sandwich. So it's like a meal we've had but we kind of recreated into a sandwich. I think that makes it really fun. And i three young kids so they always like to create in the kitchen. So it's always fun to pull out ingredients and know that they liked And just create something with it irene. I would say you know if it's not a meal if there's no pasta involved. I'm just the pasta in the sandwich. China i can do this Potato chips in the sandwich potato salad in a sandwich. If it's more carbs that you need. I'm not i'm not a opposed to a carb sandwich. Harborne carb is okay. Yeah absolutely you need your permission okay. Let's see if i can squeeze in lisa here. Give her the last word. Real quick lisa in cohasset. You're next on radio boston. Hey everybody so. The worm center on ninety three in new hampshire has the most amazing grilled cheese sandwiches my favorite being agreer cheese with Fig spread and then they grill it like a panini on sourdot bread and it is unbelievable. Tastes that you're talking about. Yeah wow it's the rest. Stop on route. Ninety three new hampshire there multiple. Welcome center gotta say wasn't expecting a which from a welcome welcome center. They are at least but thank you for the phone call. I guess it's highbrow and lowbrow you can get sandwiches everywhere right folks for sure. Well that's joe gadoe. He's a local chef culinary instructor and host of from scratch on pluto tv joe. It's always great to talk to you. Thank you so much for having me. This was a blast sandwiches rock. And so do you will thank you. And i'll make one tonight for dinner. Irene lee owner and head chef of may restaurant group in boston. thank you for joining as well. Thank you put some spaghetti in there. Okay will i will and Folks that tag here gets a music sandwich. Time sandwiches time by weezer. That's our show for today radio. Boston is a production of ninety point. Nine wb you are. It's produced by. Chris siddiq walter wittman. Amanda beland cynthia but to visa. We had help from. Allie debt and stephen gilman marquess. Neal is our technical director david. The cavs belleville green was on phones. Our executive producer is attached hoffy. And i'm jamie bologna. Join us again tomorrow for more radio boston..

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