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Rena banana says was the nationals sweep by the dodgers result of building momentum for la or just an exceptionally unlucky weekend for washington boy it's a combination of the two we talk last week how really when you look at the dodgers and you look at the landscape of the west in justin turner coming back there's still time for them to work at but man you talk about like a series it took down players yet how he can't drink blew out his achilles heel he's out for kelly's tendon he's out for the year he had richhill go down after two pitches his blister pop the dodgers saying he's going to miss a list lease four weeks ryan madson went down i i mean that that series brutal to watch in terms of the amount of injuries this is an interesting one buster from andrew munos at benji six with jordan hicks touching a hundred and five miles an hour on the radar gun on sunday who would you not want to face right now in the batter's box where i guess ever hicks chapman roger clemens randy johnson or other so here's an andrew it is a great question because you think about the options you just gave jordan hicks and let's face it when you watch him pitch not entirely sure he knows where the ball is going right and he's throwing one hundred five and it's moving all over the place and you have a role this chapman who looks like if he wanted to quit baseball and become like an ama fighter yeah he could do that and then you've roger clements who was mean and i saw him at times throw the ball right in the middle of the opposing hitters back with his brady anderson robbie alamar then you have randy johnson who i saw lose his temper couple times and that was a little scary for the better of the four probably jordan hicks like i because the other three i think egot the field they generally have a better command jordan hicks right now headed scary watching l much his fastball moves any hope we don't have that situation where it gets away from him josh yeah the uncertainty of it is definitely scary i was expecting you to bring up josh hater though buster the greatest pitcher of our generation right.

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