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Easterns automotive group. You'll find thousands of vehicles to choose from every vehicle has gone through a rigorous multi-point quality inspection, and you can buy with confidence, because at eastern every vehicle is backed by seven day, return policy, and a complimentary thirty day warranty with Easterns, one price promise you can shop confidently the price on the website is the price you pay. No gimmicks eastern started at a community dealership over thirty years ago, and we'll continue to serve the community in every way possible. It's in their DNA, visit eastern dot com today that again and right now get a hundred dollars off the purchase of a mattress when you text crash two eight four eight yes. One hundred dollars off. But only when you text crash to eight or eight. That's C. R A, S H two eight four eight eight. It may not require a textbook, but it's filled valuable lessons. It may not take place in a classroom. But it's an ideal environment for learning. It may not involve a diploma, but it can help prepare Oregon's young people for life. High school sports high school sports, play a critical role in a student's overall education. In fact, studies show that students that participate in high school sports are more likely to enjoy greater levels of chievements in their academic lives. If you think high school sports are only about competition think again, better, yet, think about attending high school sporting event in your community. You'll be amazed by what you see high school sports. A winning part of a complete education. This message presented by the Oregon school activities association and the Oregon leading directors association. I appreciate you. Making an appointment to listen to the Michael berry show right here on eleven ninety. K E X. If you're not Niro radio, you can always listen on the free. I heart radio at the Michael berry show. Get it. Glenn back on us. Radio eleven ninety K band. I heart radio. That great. And Jeffey Pat gray from Pat gray unleashed, which you can hear immediately before this show on the blaze radio TV network..

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