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Normally, It's Aaron Spitzer and Joe. Still, it's been called the still Spit show. What am I calling it today? The cell show the still show sounds good to me. It's kind of rings got a ring to it. Let's talk into some of your staff this week, and we're What are we going to go with? For the name of the show? She goes. How about just the retirement clinic? Okay, It's the retirement clinic with Joe. Still now you hear Joe throughout the week, and much of the staff from the co Wall Investment group with the daily market updates on Wi be in Madison, Wi said in Milwaukee. Then, of course we get a full hour every weekend. In fact, we're going to hear from Jeffco all today, joining us later in the program we're going to hear from Aaron Caldwell with the boss minute for business owners. Joe's got a topic kind of a theme throughout the show today, and I'll let you kind of start there. Oh, the website the co wall way dot com. We should mention that there's offices in Port Washington, Phoenix, Arizona, the latest in Racine and, of course, world headquarters in Waukesha. The CO all way dot com. Yeah, the theme today and and I'll start. I do have an article that I want to discuss for most of the show, And it's um, but before that, I want to talk a little bit about Um Kind of the theme for the show is is positivity kind of optimism. Okay, uh And and I was thinking about this this week. Uh, Take yourself back to that. Time early June when you were a kid, and you got out of school and school broke for the summer. How good was that feeling? Like you counted the days to that final day of school? I think our last day was usually half day. As a half day and we were released early. And then it was the beginning of summer, right? It was incredible feeling and and I'm able to to get that feeling back through my boys. You know, they all got out of school this week. So Wednesday was their last day of school. That's right. Most schools up in the morning. And I knew it was the last day of school and, you know, it just took me back. You know, to those days and obviously living through them now, um, and it's just a great feeling knowing that, you know. No, no. You know, real responsibilities for the summer. Call it you can do what you want. You can sleep in baseball. Ride your bike around things that kids should be doing in summer. Yeah. How old are your kids? Joe? Uh, I have a 11 year old. So he just Graduated fifth grade. He'll be going into middle school. Oh, man, I have a freshman who just finished his freshman year He'll be going into a sophomore year. And then I have a junior who will be a senior who is taking the A C T today. Retaking it trying to improve his scores. Of course. Yeah, you get a couple chances to get three boys. Yeah, Three boys, busy man. Yeah, they're all in basketball. So that that's been You know what we've been doing? You know, all spring and summer. Uh, pretty much every weekend somewhere traveling somewhere. All right, So I'm going back in time. I'm remembering when I was that age, So that's a great time, right? Absolutely. So how does that tie into retirement? Well, I would A similar feeling right? So you're done with work now. What are you going to do? And and in a great feeling of Hey, I've worked all my life. We've saved up all this money. Uh, I've met with the co all investment group. My advisor, and we have a plan together, So I'm ready to go. I've thought about. I was just gonna say it's a great feeling. If you did proper planning, correct. If you're worried about your finances, you might have a little anxiety. Right, right. And, you know, I thought optimism. Positivity is a good theme for today. You know, based off of the last year we've come through. Let's start looking forward. Um you know, the weather outside is beautiful. Um, you know, school's out, you know? Positivity, uh, keep those thoughts in mind so getting back to retirement, So the article that I thought would be perfect for today is from Kiplinger's magazine. If you listen to the show in the past, you know that you know, I'm pretty much a nerd, and I read Kipling Ear's on a regular basis. Hey, you said it, not me. I did. Um and I'll own that. But the title of the article is get ready to retire with this checklist. You know if you are fought 10, 5 or one year away, uh, from retirement, do these items and they will help you to retire on your own terms. So that's the the title of the article. And it's about, um Putting together that proper plan. Um and gives you some tips. You know if you're 10 years out if you're five years out And even before we go into these 10, 5 and one year tips, um you know, just in general. Obviously, the earlier you start planning the better, um so You know, Once you get out of school out of college and you get your first job, you know, start saving. Start putting money away. Well, you don't think about it then because you're more work, you know? I just got my first job. This paychecks, Okay, Whatever you're making, you rarely think about saving if you can be discipline to start immediately. I'm talking your first paycheck it that time. Yes, Even it means so much, Joe. Yeah, and and, uh, Jeffco Wall is going to go through, uh, the numbers and and talk about how big of a difference that makes..

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