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TED, Todd J., Baltimore discussed on Too Much Truth With Derrick Boazman


Because that's what their job is to take me though I knew it was going to happen but being in that moment is kinda like ours is witnessing history and is this the energy around with something I needed to do bill and Ted actually are still there and I just needed to see everyone else being who do not like it is maybe fill out our he lives and I got in and then there's not going to vain people understand why it's important why black lives matter for real so that I was picking up a call for a couple of times that is that you look on our disposal I N. you got a chance to go back even as by their date went crazy you would back on yesterday on Saturday yes all right we'll come back we'll talk about that we got take quick break we'll come back we'll break all of our young people into the conversation Todd J. who's up and down up in Baltimore protesting Jarrett twenty six down here the latter are yelled down the dust down in Athens Georgia ga Hari right here in our Atlanta Decatur don't go into place it is young people we given them their voice will come back into view all we just open up the Mike to you all just tell us what you're feeling tell us what you want us to know what we may not have heard prior to today we'll be back as that young people speak out from all across the country radio news and talk thirteen eighty W. A. okay too much truth close to four oh four eight nine two two seven oh three our news and talk thirteen eighty W. A. okay this job reports monitored by DuckDuckGo privacy finally some good news on eighty five south it's clear that crash just south seventeenth street just backed up though as you leave Georgia four hundred thank you looking pretty good right now on the north side over on the west side you're still a bit heavy twenty five south right on hollow parkway down towards interstate twenty and we're also seeing delays on seventy five north in Clay County is your approach to eighty five fed up with companies selling your data.

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