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The first season of welcome back Kotter it looks like it was jury read the very end of the first season right right after the first season was when that movie was released so I don't know who won the bed but you talk about during the break I do want to get into the article you wrote it W. I. B. C. dot com in regards to the police action shooting of John reed before we get to that are you covered the governor's press conference earlier today anything of note we need to take away from that I'm a couple of things there was a story but not too long ago in an apple store the talked about the the universe of Washington and then super health metrics had said Hey we stay start opening the back up again if you like these massive increase and covert nineteen deaths it was print they projected like nine hundred back in April I'm sorry the maypole or the March now it's more like six thousand it's over like you know try to reconcile how do you guys get your numbers versus their numbers and so we had an interesting conversation I would suppose a little bit later today also while we talk about because sort of the state finances with all the go as economic activity comes to a halt was different in a surplus no we just got to start it looks about me post also was also the back kind of dissecting everything about it was actually it was a lot of information they nothing earth shattering chattering but things very useful obviously everybody's really waiting for next week as Indiana starts to open back up again a number different places his Excellency the governor was very mean to those people who went on his lawn and wanted jobs a couple weeks ago did he condemned the protesters yesterday it's a sixty second in Michigan over the us on read incident that question did not come up so convenient go it's another good use of the personal acid when I saw the code nineteen data and the budgets of okay that takes her know where the protests will still be here next he didn't need a question last time to stay with the patriots everyone I know actually I was wrong there was no that was me who passed so he was he was it was oddly silent over the protesters for for Sean read that that's interesting there you go so now that we've got the cat out of the bag here that's how that would work for play let's get right into it you are already pretty controversial article at W. I. B. C. dot com sharing your thoughts on what happened to Sean Reid for those who might not have had a chance to see it yet please break down what was in your article international for the job Sean read was when when your man that in apple's police on a high speed chase on I. sixty five and run thirtieth street you know gets often he's being followed by the X. the police chief and deputy police chief they broke off the chase but he gets off on Michigan road gets six second street still high speeds get out the car runs get stay and all this is on Facebook live NEC in Facebook live the whole thing he gets stays the taser does not not come out completely or in or mobilize them he reaches for going to court I am PT he fires a couple shots of police and police to what happens when you fire shots then they tend to return fire into being dead killed and then the the melee ensues with no misinformation here is going to put others know about our black men being shot by law enforcement please note of the officer who shot him was African American so that so the narrative about a white police officer shooting unarmed black man that doesn't work this go around Andre Carson put out a tweet and basically made it sound like this racial issue and black people were being hunted for sport that's the take away from the tweet that Andre Carson put out that I had known then that would be wrong and not by wish once again and and kind of goes to the point of a color global pardon was which is before people start jumping the gun pardon the expression try to get all the facts first meet me mad at me and you can whatever motions that you want that's fine but the very least before you start going to social media or talking about it try to get as many of the facts first as you can because there's a lot of misinformation running around and I just had to kind of clear this all up well for example he was able to wipe the cops picking up whatever the case then well well they were really chasing the sun was reckless driving going he was doing ninety like doing ninety and what is happening is I found out that Mr Reid John Reid had some outstanding warrants one in Marion County and a couple down in Texas I'm and then the Texas one was actually a gun charge like how the hell do you get a warrant for a gun in Texas they give you one when your credit has said of the liquor yeah like we have like the Simpsons or whatever and so isn't there that end so obviously because got a warrant the concert you if they don't pull over immediately the other project partners to try to try to get away Abdul it it's obviously it's an African American police officer involved in in the the shooting and yet it seems like there are so many people who are so quick to condemn the police whether it's I am PT or any police department when these things happen why do so many in the African American community the police so much I can be sure of that I do not believe the majority African or he will hate the police I totally completely I will not subscribe to that theory I don't think it's a majority no no no I'm I think you're confusing majority with a with a loud minority I think there's a difference between them but the majority of people who you know because after medics aftermarket apple sure like to be a victim of crime the rest of population so actually for the most part delight the police don't tell the whole server protecting I think what you do five is a a lot of minority of that segment of population without a bunch of with political agendas despite never had any patience for the black lives matters movement because when the six one eight year old young but what was killed us long ago or the sixteen year old girl was also killed after Bob that kind of party thing was going over thirty in Arlington no there were no marches or no protests there were there was basically crickets and saw black lives matter mean shouldn't these black lives matter but with a black life is shot by someone wearing a blue uniform now we have a right now in protest that I've always had a problem or even in uniform I didn't hear black lives matter come out one officer brand lease lost her life to a bullet from another black male yeah exactly so once again it's it's and that's part of what I put a sort of point out in my column the other thing too is once again my friends who are criminal defense attorneys will always tell you that one thing that will help them in front of a jury is to have a what's called what we call the business a sympathetic defendant in other words this is why when Jason hammer gets arrested I'm gonna clean them all out of taking over Leon Taylor and put in a nice suit and the whole nine yards it may be presentable unfortunately in this case right here this this is the wrong to me this is the wrong person for the for the activist crowd like this going to be your banner you guys got the wrong guy you know you got the outstanding warrants no you said you did have a gun yes he did well there's there's ample footage on Facebook right now with him actually no brandishing the weapon showing off the weapon I want the backs of firing the weapon and it's a distinctive weapon like one of the things we talked about yesterday was let's just say you buy into the conspiracy theory that the police plant guns on black people all the time do you think they have a lot of orange clip long handle guns just laying in the trunk exactly and most of my friends I. P. which has like first of all we have time yeah we we have so much other stuff to do it yes it was a big guy conspiracy yes we purposely follow him we purposely knew who he was we purposely tasted we purposely planted the gun and purposely made on fire by the way the sizes of the of the two that really annoy the hell out of me everybody Bloomberg really date myself here on Facebook like forget Ironside and Columbo because unlike no ice and Matlock like when I saw the I counted fifteen shots and right everybody's was an eyewitness on that shaky camera video and they saw everything perfectly everybody last week was either constitutional scholar Alan this is now like a girlfriend's a detective for you pointed this out to our state house happenings podcast there's nothing police officers hate more than paperwork I nothing generates more paperwork that is uniquely second shooting exactly and and and chief of Taylor all right Taylor said it best today in another interview I heard him do which is like look like no officer in his in his right mind gets up in the morning and with the with the thought of idea Hey who can I go shoot today no officer doesn't your dad was in law enforcement yeah you should have given more like Hey rob okay rob here's your here's a bit of a so it's got to go to some people but here's the other thing people don't realize and they teach law enforcement this if you're thinking about pulling your weapon you're too late right it's an instinctive thing where you have a split second reaction any thought to make and it is such a it is such a crisis point in your life I I would hope that no one would ever have to go through that and then the other thing too is what was really disturbing and I don't know if the video is still out there lots of it's been kinda taken down sort of put into evidence but as mystery was a leading cops on a high speed chase you can see if you can see some of the comments on the phone talking to without any sort of Facebook live stream I was set up all the comments are made only two people said you need to stop turn yourself and everybody else in back tomorrow like yep you can go and do what you do it right a couple girls okay when you get done come over here I'm like what the world still held a host I cannot I was get my hair shaved all Abdul Hakeem Shahbaz joining us in studio we wrote a similar article I think we share the same point of view on this on W. I. B. C. dot com but the hate mail that I get told me that I don't understand the black community you don't know what this is about rabble rabble rabble I think you got my hate mail by mistake say you are a black man who shares the same point of view that I do here what's it like when you get hate messages from the black community well I look like this for for every one hate message I get there I'll use like nine or ten people say thank you for saying what you say I mean I expect them to do this all my adult life so I I nort I always love it when I get called an uncle Tom what one local but my name's Tom by the way to read the book he was actually kind of a hero and then it really does pay me to say this to complement of but it really is a fabulous piece and everyone should read it's great what's coming up on a big show this weekend we talked a good friend already trousers you can kind of put all this in perspective are we spoke to merry kind of pressure also Ryan Mears before all this happened but it gives a pretty good insight on what's going on with respect to the criminal justice system cover nineteen and I don't know if I can find it on my interview with.

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