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Season is here due to the virus. The tax deadline was moved from April 15th. July, 15th and you know, doing your taxes, uh, has gotten so complicated. I, of course, have an accountant. I used to go in with a short form and be out of there in like 10 minutes. Well, now I went to the guy and the first thing he said to me when I walked into his office. Are you sure you weren't tailed? Are you sure in you is fast traffic? Both accidents cleared on 80 eastbound Approaching exit 42 in Parsippany and westbound before exit. 12 and Allah Moochie. All lanes are now open both ways. You have some slow traffic, though. On north beyond 71 in madness, Kwan around Marcellus Avenue and watch for an accident on the parkway. Self found after the expressway exit 38 north Beyond delays from exit 77 up to 19. Leaving New Jersey 30 minutes at the George Washington Bridge, 10 to 15 at the Lincoln Tunnel and 15 minutes at the Holland and Traffic sponsored by N. J. M Insurance Group. A lot of insurance companies use jingles and mascots, but not N. J. M. When you're up front with your customers, you don't need gimmicks and J m just great insurance. Get a quote today at N. J m dot com. Traffic every 15 minutes. Next report at 2 18. I'm Adam Wall Ski on New Jersey. One on 1.5. Doyle. Get on that radio. You can now listen to New Jersey. 11.5.

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