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Number five. This is a montage. We put together. The drive by media, pushing an amnesty agenda, a pro illegal immigrant agenda. And this is the drive bys little montage of the drive by media reporting on the teargassing, you young mothers and their children as they desperately seek a better life from their war-torn native country patrol agents, deployed tear gas on central Americans seeking asylum. This included women and children troppo at the. They are not seeking asylum. And they have proved it req- that I'm sorry. I can't when I hear these people lie and misrepresent things it's getting tougher and tougher to sit here and let it go by they are not seeking asylum. This is a media creation. They were seeking asylum. They wouldn't wait when they got here. And we're told what the rules are. Oh, you want asylum? Fine. You're going to have to wait until your application is processed. That means you're you're going to be detained over here. And your children are going to be detained over here. When they are told that what do they do? Do they go get in line and wait and follow through on their desire for asylum? They start throwing rocks and may storm the border. These people are not here to seek asylum. I mean, if they could they would because after you get it, then you disappear into the cheerier of the country, and you never go back for your hearing. Before an administrative judge. But that's not what this is about. And we we predicted this from the moment we first heard about these caravans moving toward the southern border. Anyway, here here's the bite. The montage in TOTO US border patrol agents,.

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