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To kill everybody, and that includes all humanity. Well, let's Zzyzx sincerely. I sincerely doubt that she said that But again the question Well, okay. You heard her. But I sincerely doubt that the question The question is, Would she take it position? Would she? Would she take a position in a Biden administration? I would guess is she probably would If you became aware that she said that would you be critical of her yelling fire in a crowded movie? First of all, I don't believe she said that you know, Elizabeth Warren is a really smart lady. I mean, I had a call someone in a law firm that I did some work for who had her as a professor at Harvard. And she said she was one of the smartest and the best professors he had at Harvard. So she is a very smart lady at would not surprise me. Can be smart. I'm not a smart person is not going to say something like that. No, that's you know, I mean, you heard it, probably on one. There's a lot of places where those kinds of things are supposed to occur, but no Elizabeth Warren Whether she's gonna be on the selected for the cabinet, and when she take it, I have no clue. And would you be critical if she did say? Well, I don't because I would I'd be critical of is the context in which it was said the fact that she would say something like that is just so far off the charts. Brad, I just not going to buy that. I just I'm not me. Well, what do you condemn remarks like that? Absolutely, I do. But the fact is the fact is, they have to be credible. Remember? That's the first there has to be based on facts. Not just now. What about the I want to change the Dominion Software? They were in charge of counting the votes and quite a few states. And it's now coming out that when you click for Mr Trump it credited Mr Biden with that vote. Actually, actually, the fact is that now every state in the country has to use paper ballot. They're there. Every state uses paper ballots, so there's no opportunity to quote unquote click for defer for Trump and have it come out as Biden Those kind of that software is in the past. But every state now is literally mandated to use paper ballots to at least so that there's a backup. So let's that's a million software. Used in Venezuela. To put that dictator in power. Well, it's not what that's just that system voted in Maryland. Well, I colored in the block the circle for Mr Trump. If that wasp Now we're if that was software, which was intentionally designed, you know that if they result, friend just have to read Trump and credit by bread bread. Every single person who has looked at this thing at in terms of legislations and election it, folks. And in every state have said that there is no evidence of fraud in Thies this election so that that they haven't looked at the evidence. Yes, they have brought bread. I appreciate the call, but that's not. That's not evidence that's not based on facts and when they presented in the courts, the courts have rejected it as bogus. So that's just not fax. Anyway, so that we're not going to go there anymore because the fact is that Biden won and a fair and square election. This was as HHS know. Ahh, the head of HHS. Who, by the way did you heard of the leading He's now been determined to be in office illegally because they didn't follow procedures. But he said that this was the most secure election in the history in modern history. And again. Part of the reason is because 2016 was so had some money problems. They were every agency was alerted to the nature of the problems. And so this was a very fair election. There was an election and the winner was Joe Biden, End of discussion. You can have any kind of argument you want. But the facts are the Joe Biden won and every single attempt by the Republicans to go to court and have it challenged has been thrown out. Anyway, sit. It is okay, Let's go. Let's switch subjects for just a second and talk about the riots or the protests and things that probably better term in Washington. Welcome to the show, Professor. Good evening. Yeah. These people, they're continuing call hub. But this was fixed in that was. It's not just this election any election. You got proof? Well, uh, yeah, well, you know, that's the court if you got the proof. Well, you know that if you were listening last week, Thank you. Were that my have my my expert on And that's what he said. He said. If if you want it for to litigate, you have to have three things. You have to have a theory, and their theory is that there's been that that's been corrupt. And it's all this voter fraud in all that. The second thing you need this fax And everything. And the third one is you have to have a remedy at every single case has been presented in court. Every single one has been rejected. Because the fax don't back it up. You always hear the word sure is probably one of the shortest words in the English language. If yes, if this if that So hold war. No, I agree. There is no if here there you know that Raymond Donovan when he was secretary of Labor under under Reagan when Reagan was shot. They choose right back, especially the press. They accused Raymond Donovan, who was a contractor in New York, abandon with the mob. So he resigned because regular condition that is it. He took it they took in the court. OK, it's what he was found Innocent. All charge. Understand? Came down those steps and all this gang of reporters who wanted his hide one at first. It's two past they weren't going to give them to friends. Well, the fact is that, yeah, go to get my reputation if I understand I'm ever but it's far is that this election is concerned. This election has been is is this fair as we have had, and I don't know that all that. Oh, it is. It is. I mean, that's all The wasn't scared everything. Brooke Davis. Well, I know, but but, you know, the fact is that there were representatives for the Republican Party and the Democratic Party at In the in the polling booths toe monitor those They were representatives, the Republican and the Democratic Party at the counting centers for before the elections, and they were able to observe them..

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