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Touchdown this time he caught it. Leaping in the air, beautiful pickoff. And the Tommy defense is as impressive as ever. He's got the hops of a basketball player, Dave, which he was for the Hornets. And but that was not a good throw by lake. He tried to go down the middle. And he threw it into double coverage. Now, look he wanted to get it the Heaney I don't blame him there. He and he seems to have velcro on those hands. But that was just a force throw. And it's another interception. He and Tommy fuller. Both freshmen both played against each other in high school good rivalry there over in that lake conference. Now, the Tommy's first and ten from the forty four following the turnover. Single set his left for handoff right up the middle. Tommy straight ahead, breaking tackles, and Tom Leffler takes it out to the thirty five. Two twenty nine and we're still in the third quarter Augsburg came on this first quarter. It was really fun. It was a good game back and forth with thirty five points in a matter of minutes. And then the Tommy system the second quarter man, they just have not let up since one point Dave late in the first quarter. This was a twenty one fourteen game Tommy's at a seven point lead since then Saint Thomas has scored a bunch of points. They're up to sixty now. Tommy's with a football, Nick rice. Now, the single setback Jones is under center hands it off to Nick right side. He is hit right away. But look at him drive and drive and drive past the thirty all the way down to the twenty six yard line. That was impressive. That's a Tommy I down. Here comes a flag now at the end of the play and. The auguries arguing so. Something happened. Maybe something extra curricular. One thing. We know is you start looking at the board and is against Oxford. The play was over unsportsmanlike conduct defense number fifty.

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