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How that happens in the you can have make this shit up but you just have to trust them. The trailblazers right. You just have to. You just have to believe everything is fine so you can't really expect anything else the but i'm still going to burn all this coats the way he wields power. And how the. I o c decides all these things so for burden amira. I have four olympic related things in very mad about. And i'm just going to run down the list because they can't decide which i'm more mad about. I'm mad about all of them. To be honest. The first thing you might recall About two weeks ago. I o c reversed their ridiculous decision to not allow nursing infants in to the olympic village and olympic space and while people applauded that there's new information emerging about why we should maybe hold our applause spanish synchronized swimmer owner carbonell talked. About how even though this reversal happened. She still was not going to be able to bring her child. Why you asked. We'll because the decision to let people bring their child and the child's of their caretaker. Put them still at an offsite location. Meaning that if you want to go nurse your child multiple times a day. You have to leave the bubble area of your team. You've put your health at risk and not south to go to a different location to nurture child logistically. This remains a nightmare so just letting people come does not logistically solve the problem. You're not letting people easily accessibly still feed their children. So that's ridiculous. The us opec is also being can ridiculous. Because becca myers one of our most decorated paralympian recently completely withdrew from the game. So why you ask because the uso pse being complete fuckers she's deaf blind paralympian. They are not letting her bring her mom as her personal care assistant their response was they already had a pca available to paralympian in swimming. Let's just be clear. They have a single. Pca for thirty three paralympic swimmers. Ten of them who are visually-impaired. Just the math doesn't add up the us opec and becca could see that. And it is terrible. And it's heartbreaking that because she can't get a reasonable accommodation right and she can't have somebody safe and who she trusts to help her at the olympic games. She's choosing to withdraw. She deserved better than that. That's simple shit speaking of some bullshit also from team. Usa let me talk to you really quick about this fencer dude team usa alternate allen headache who should not be at the olympic games He has been under safe sport investigation. There was literally a letter sent last month by multiple women infants and including two olympians. Who said they don't feel safe with him. Being on the team the response from the us olympic committee was to say. Oh we'll we'll tell save sport who's already investigating him they. Are you know and to send the women who wrote the letter a..

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