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I was thinking about this a lot yesterday. And I. On purpose did not go on to whether or try to get my hot take. There is enough of that there were people making jokes about it too. Which is just dumb. But I I I have several I have several thoughts. Of course, the first thing was what is responsible for this in the first thought, of course is as well. How come the other three hundred thousand days that were not holy week since this thing things construction, I can't over three hundred thousand days that were not during holy week that this structure has been standing how come it never caught on fire during I mean, there's been restaurant. How come it never just caught on fire like that three hundred thousand days not holy week since its construction began. That's the first thing. I don't think it's a coincidence. I don't think it's a coincidence at all for one reason or another you can determine what that is. The second thing is I expressed on numerous occasions, my respect and affinity for classical. And classical meaning old style Catholic architecture because there is nothing you walk into a classic basilica or or cathedral. There is nothing that is merely functional. There is nothing just we have these polls just to hold up that there's there's symbolism rooted in God's were behind rooted in in the bible behind almost everything in every cathedral that I've been in. I took bright interest in this in college. Because where I went to college one of the biggest buildings on campus was a former convents, and so the, of course, the that it's Anjelica all of the icons have been removed. But one of the greatest things as walking around campus in my historical theology class one day and looking at all of the meaning behind the architecture and some of these buildings and the the. The inspiration to and wonder at the majesty of the almighty, even if you're not a Catholic seeing the seeing seeing the imagery behind all of the architecture. There is really a sight to behold, and that's why I have such a great affinity for that. And I I remember eight years ago in two weeks, I visited France with with an orchestra, and I got to go inside the Notre Dame cathedral. And it's stunning. But one of my favorite memories of that trip was in Geneva, actually, and you go into the cathedral were John Calvin used to preach, and we played there. One Sunday morning and great doors opened at the back of this cathedral. And the bells started ringing to call people to worship and a doors open, and you could see out over the rooftops of Geneva, and you could see the Alps in the background. And it was a beautiful. Just a stunning of edifice a beautiful place to play music. And to worship the doors closed maybe dozen and a half people walked in that church that morning to worship..

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