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Foxsports radio what is the Dan Patrick show Jason Smith Bucky Brooks in for Dan the damage today Twitter and how about a fresco Bucky at Bucky Brooks twenty two and before we get to potential woman kicking in the National Football League as we may be a little bit closer to that happening then even more yesterday first this news coming in regarding cam Newton's injury last night second quarter against the patriots cam Newton was sacked didn't look like the plague really was awful but Newton left the game with a left leg injury all left the stadium in a walking boot Ron Rivera did not have any real updates on cam Newton it looked like boy Panthers are in trouble without can do they could wind up being the worst team in the NFL but good news for the Panthers in cam Newton the X. rays came back negative we talk to Charles Davis NFL on fox college football analyst NFL analyst Lee earlier in the show he said people you talk to in Carolina earlier today were optimistic and they felt that he would be ready for week one in fact that's not what we're hearing more out of Carolina is that the Panthers are optimistic Newton will be ready for week one today show brought to you by Mercedes AMG be prepared for whatever comes your way in the all new GT four door coupe because life is a race visit your local dealership for a test drive today and if you missed any of the celebrity interviews this week whether was Charles Davis or someone else all the engine from the proceedings AMG man cave just go to the Dan Patrick out where you can watch and listen from inside the Mercedes AMG man cave Reseda's AMG driving performance you don't the thing about cam Newton is that he's on the back half of his career and Bucky the end of his career is gonna come quicker than anticipated because look bigger quarterbacks break down early you can do this had a physical style of play for his career I can't see him lasting as long as say Ben Roethlisberger because Roethlisberger takes fewer hits than cam Newton Newton just gets doing dot but I don't know that when we get to thirty two thirty three he's gonna have the NFL body like a forty five year old I mean that's really where what's good where it's like for him that is what is like for him I I think the big thing for him early in his career people try to tell him about changing his game Dennis really changing how he plays but being smarter in terms of not taking the big shots when now you're older player you've been a league for nine years you're beginning to see how you have to transition I think the best thing that offers people kind of talked about he has been robbed his burger why don't you go back and think about how Ben Roethlisberger used to play when he first came into the league he was a gunslinger he's a little reckless he took shots you play sandlot ball will the thing that Ben Roethlisberger hated was when tired he became as a you can't play like this and last a long time they made him shorten up is throwing a get the ball out let you play makers make the place for cam Newton they've started to try and do that north Turner has started to do some of those things get the ball out let the other guys make place for you you don't have to feel like everything is on you Chris McCaffrey we saw cosmic every have a great year we saw some of the young play makers DJ more begin to step up cam Newton has to make you where he is taking care of and him himself he's not put himself in harm's way someone has to do with office one to get a play better but he can't take unnecessary risk because if they lose him their chances of going to the playoffs go down the drain Twitter at how bout a fresco bucket Bucky Brooks twenty two and as I said a few minutes ago maybe your team needs a kicker not the jets need a kicker other teams need kickers the bears I'm sure due to kicker of these doesn't matter who they have you know the the kicker and potentially Carli Lloyd could be the answer viral sensation the other day women's national star World Cup winner this year two thousand and fifteen got a new degree of fame when she drilled a fifty five yard field goal at eagles practice longtime eagles fans that a lot of honking about the eagles win Superbowl year and he shows up in practice take the forty yard field goal they start about one fifty five and she drills it would've been good from sixty five now she did get a nice long run up but right down the middle fifty five yards in the conversation I had a little bit with TJ whose when Saudi yesterday was a you know could we see a female kicking in the NFL at some point I could see if I could see it happening it would be a bit of an evolution you would need a a girl from high school to be a great soccer player and then make all kinds of kicks and be a big threat then get a big time D. one scholarship makes a big kicks in when games and I can see it in the NFL I said maybe a few years away but Carli Lloyd doesn't interview yesterday saying that she is quote definitely gotten some enquiries from football team it says anything is possible I'm thinking next year she may go to training camp with somebody well me is possible because it's a position where you definitely want someone that is consistent knocking a ball through if Carli Lloyd proves or any female kicker proves that they can consistently mail kicks there have an opportunity the league is a seven point lead most games are just got about one score or less so you need someone that can consistently run up to the feel and not get through and so if she proved that she can knock it with a reasonable range from forty five yards maybe fifty yards of fewer consistently she absolutely can get a chance to kick in the league because right now forty orders you you have to make anything forty to forty five yards that you've got a second they have to be money kicks like the way that you look at it thirty nine yours if you were those need to be automatic when you get to forty to forty nine yours hi first and you thinking eighty percent of those kids and go when you get to fifty a book and beyond that look is a fifty fifty proposition but if you have a guy that can consistently nailed the long distance kick it changes the way that you call your game on our office was a huge weapon when you're the Baltimore Ravens and you have a Justin Tucker who is consistent so everyone is looking for the competitive advantage if Carli Lloyd can prove that she is a competitive advantage someone was on and and I don't I don't see it and that's that's that's the great part of think about the NFL is it I don't think teams would care you can make fifty that yeah okay great we don't care if you're a woman we don't care here now here's old we don't care if you're a dog we don't care if you're an elephant does it you can make that kick we don't care doesn't matter negative point blank a Granada hills we had a young lady come in trying kick it she wanted a cake and she was good we just couldn't get it worked out absolutely what had no issue with her being the BAT field goal kicker not gonna through what you're looking for that position because it's such a tenuous spot you looking for consistency if you find somewhere that can consistently nail short and long kicks you Saddam would there be any problems lock remorse everything will be okay not really fun in my experience in in just watching a key is going to do with like there's never an issue like a thing now we're at a stage where there's not an issue the guys will good teammates SO good teammates to show up their work or that a consistent in their performance they have a spot on the team I don't think I'd be a issue in the locker room okay she had to make a tackle I mean I'm sure she she could I would not want her you run it was alright run to the side I in a perfect world we wouldn't see a reason for her to have to make a decal because kicking kicks if I stroking okay I can chat with me we've got a problem where it's been blocked or something like that we don't want it because I don't know if we have male characters that can consistently make tackles so yeah if it is something that we wouldn't want to experiment in see on the field great stuff this week thanks a bunch check out Bucky Bucky Brooks twenty two on Twitter good luck tonight near opening night game Granada hills high good luck you should be going stuff this week thanks allies your producer Justin Frostburg coming in early flipping around their schedule to make sure we get everything up on social media get the show going for novel stuff thank you guys so much.

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