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It is a It is. It is absolutely almost to the crisis point right now. So when you when, when you're sending your kids to go get an English degree or history, Major. Whatever. Think twice. They're going to make five times the amount of money in the first four years of being a, you know, a tradesman tradesmen are in such short. Their sudden such demand right now is absolutely Amazing. Which I think is a great thing. We We've talked about this ever since we had Rick Baker on our show for the first time a few years ago, talking about the trade industry and how we really over the last 20 years, almost 30 years when you and I and Doug we're all going to college and going to school, they were just knocking the trade industry and you know, we were told we had to go to college or we were nobody in a college degree was everything. When in fact, you've Ryan, you've got guys that have no college education that are making 234 times the amount of the guys who were coming out of college right now, with with 45 and six year degrees and and those guys with 152 $100,000 in student loans. Right, which is the amount of money and like, you know, 100 $50 our house. There were what's a four year degree going to do for most people right now. No see in unless it's in a specialized field. You really if you're gonna go to college, and this is this is just, you know, a matter of fact, but if you're gonna go to college, you can't just go to get a four year degree. It's gonna do nothing for you. Decided a crew got a drink beer and tolerate tolerate pot a little bit better. So you know, if you're gonna go to college, you have to go with the mindset that you're going to go get a doctor. It You're going to get a master's degree. You're going to become an engineer. You're going tol leave there where you can actually get.

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