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Characters that are women in black panther then there had been in i think the entire first space the mc you combined lease ones that weren't straight up just love interests right right um yet unless it would have obliged familiar in the emcee we have tessa thompson test thompson right which is just just the most recent movie but he asked for this on as no coincidence directed by man of color cycle it's easy so again is that thing of like you people with trying to save you from youselves zehra you know tyka comes and makes the ragnar oak which is like this amazing wonderful for me one of the top five movies in the whole mc you and then rank of this kind of like all right chilled i watch this event gives us black panther and is to sell it like walltowall amazing is an everyone in is black has like just black and there are so few lightskinned people in this new shades in my can cousins i love you all but also all my god there is a kiss at the end of the movie between two chala on the care and i remember just i in the cinema i i pingkun it's very difficult music rush i don't have that kind of skin color i'd blushed and i was like literally i was at how do i get in the middle of them look i'm so happy that this is a case that has happenings in these two ducks can people don't get me wrong i know but people case we all know about people case together black kids everywhere clearly people to doing stuff but it's just nice to see its and for it to not be thing and it was odd i was like oh finally yes let us get some tsugawa people just kissing thus the barra solo and like people still struggle to clear the bar and then rank ago was like don't worry been i have you i have got you and then he just gave it to me bless 'wangkoo gives life i feel like a big part of watching this movie also was the cultural moment of people watching it you're like everyone of having so much fun watching it.

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