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We got more super chat here bro. We got thanks being joe. Five dollars in the tonight joe. I'm hoping this is appropriate. Because i didn't read it before. I brought it up. Thanks joe this is a good government. Here's what it comes down to steelers. Defense will keep them in position to win every game. Get that online rolling. Steelers win seven super bowl ring. You know what. Joe that i saw. Thanks me joan. And what to trust this this columbia and boy was it a good one. See you didn't let me down. You didn't let me down. And that's my. That was my point throughout the offseason with people that were so doubt on the steelers. Like do you not realize how good this defense still is. But they lost do pre. Oh but they lost too much of the corner. It's so funny that put this in our staff slack channel. I during the game during the commercial break. I was watching the game with our dad. He was down because my mom was was in town to go to a bridal shower that my wife took her to so. My dad was here to watch the game with me. It was fantastic so during the there was times during commercials i would flip over to red zone for him just so he could see what was going on. Otherwise and what do you know. The one time we flip over just in time on a fourth down play to see adam phelan catch a short pass and take it away for a touchdown against none other than my him. So i didn't see anything else in that game to know what kind of game he had i know but depre- had one tackle what had a really low. Pf score tennessee. Titans fans upset about that. We already talked about the whole big al stuff. It's kind of like they're like. Oh the steelers lost these players but the steelers had in mind with they were gonna do. I mean it was on the website today. I don't know if you saw. Michaels article about is this the best trio of edge rusher at the steelers have had the fast that they have three. What how'd you feel about addresses on on a oh my goodness to me. It was fantastic. Because especially you know with specially with tj coming in not having a whole whole lot of regular contact before this game you worried about you know how stamina would be getting everybody else just rotated. There's three guys constantly and it didn't matter who was in their area near the near the quarterback and knock on the quarterback down and just rican have loved. Yeah yeah. I mean. Just to know out of the eighty five snaps. Tj played sixty nine snaps. Ingram played four. Alex highsmith smith played forty six. So that's how. I thought it was a fantastic division of the snaps. Yeah should keep all the guys. Happy engineer jones got one. Yes okay so. I mean really. That was pretty nice and coach tomlin address that he did today in the press conference. He's like i'm not gonna set up that to make it to be a certain number in a certain way all the time. We're just going to do what needs to be done because we have capable people of doing it so with that. I don't think we're quite. Don't talk about this game. We're going to get to the next game but there's a few more things that we're gonna we're gonna pick up with we come back from the break but we will get into then this week's game because i got kind of important stuff to say about that but we're still trying to determine if it's time to get excited about this steelers team. I think you could tell by our level of excitement. What the answer really is so. If you're with us on the audio side go ahead and click the part. If you're with us here on. Youtube or facebook live gives us a few seconds. We'll be right back. When was the last time you were excited about getting dressed. The endless cycle of comfy clothes while it has its benefits is getting boring..

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