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Insinuating the fire the fire firefighters first arrived on scene they thought they had a building fire but soon extinguish the fire to reveal only minor damage to the exterior of the building Colorado's Attorney General Phil wiser says he is ready to defend the state's law limiting the size of gun magazines wiser self Colorado's ahead of the game when it comes to reducing now shooting because we have this limitation on magazine capacity the need for assault weapons ban a Colorado is not what it is lets say nationally or another state a lawsuit challenging Colorado's restrictions on the size of gun magazines is finally making its way to the state Supreme Court the current law prohibits the sale or transfer of magazines of more than fifty rounds wiser says even with the limitation the law holds in place people second amendment right to protect themselves today the Rockies and the Diamondbacks are playing an afternoon game afterwards field our next news updates at two thirty I'm Susan with Kim K. we newsradio eight fifty AM is ninety four one FM also accepting boats motorcycles R. V.'s and.

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