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Explanation might have given her family and friends at least something to try and wrap their heads around. He recovers enough to tell the truth for herself except that never happens. She doesn't recover and on sunday march. Twenty eight holly dies from her injuries and you have to just think for a second what her family is going through. Let me what any family who loses someone so suddenly in such a strange way goes through like your whole world is turned upside down just in an instant. Nothing makes sense so the more they try to grapple with this new reality the more. They can't accept polices explanation of what happened to holly. Which is why some of the bartlett's end up in that area under the bridge later that afternoon. This is the very sunday that holly died. They're out there hoping that maybe seeing it for themselves might help make sense of. This story is just for then. They can't wrap their heads around it. None of it is adding up. So they're walking around the entire outside of the fence around the area were holly was found. Like i mean they're wanting to see how it all could've gone down but more importantly they're looking for something like something really important. They wanna find holly's cane because remember. They said she didn't go anywhere without it. And the fact that. I didn't find it they find to be super strange now. These friends that are out there. They don't have the details or the exact locations of where holly was found or anything or like how she got in just that she crawled through a hole somewhere in that fence. So they're kind of going around the whole thing. And i have another map for you to look at again. I'm kind of just building off of the same maps. But i'm calling this map d so what police are saying. Like i said before is like the right side of the fence bay. That's where they found their whole that they think she went into well while they're going around because they don't know where it is. They're searching everywhere they're on like the top of the fence not decided. Police found the whole. And that's where it happens. They find the kane. How didn't you say police searched that area though they did. They say that they searched it. Four times with four officers and two of those times were with canine units looking specifically for the cane but dow civilians have found it along with a five dollar bill presumably. Remember the one maura gave holly the night before. Remember for that bottle of wine now. This discovery is big. There are a lot of really important things about it. So i like i said. The cane is nowhere near where police are. Theorizing crawled through the fence. And you can't see it on my map because my maps two d but the side of the fence were hurricane is actually found with the top of the fence above it but basically it's at the bottom of this steep embankment and then there's like at the top of this hill. Is that apartment building. I mentioned before. Ken cross the one that coming down. That long road is facing you Now if all of this isn't strange enough. The cane is found standing upright like leaning against wait for it the opposite side of the fence from where holly's discovered like side the fence. Yeah so she's on. The inside gated area and the became is leaning against the fence on the outside. So looking at your map. We're supposed to believe that. Holly what went up to the top edge of the fence. I abandoned her which like you said. She never went anywhere without leaves. It against the fence then walked around to the side of the fence till she found a whole and crawled through. Its well it turns out. There is another hole in the fence. Right near where her. Cain is found. So it's possible that the is theory was right but they just had the wrong location. Like maybe she propped. Hurricane crawled through the fence near where her cain was and that whole that they found on. The side has nothing to do with this okay. But i'm honestly having trouble buying this like that. Came her lifeline. Wouldn't she take it with a thorough after she crawls through. And if cain was there the whole time widened. Please find it in the first searches. That is the big question. The guy who found the cane that day said it was definitely not super easy to see. You know mind you. It's it's winter. It's really gray. There's no leaves on the trees and the cane is white with a black handle at the top so maybe could have blended in with the surroundings Kind of like you. I'm not really buying it and there's something about how it's found right like leaning up against the fence. Not like she was like set it down as she crawl through the couldn't get it again. That seems almost deliberate. The i agree so at this point. Is there even an investigation continuing to happen. Like now that holly's passed away or the even considering or trying to rule out foul play or is it just confirmed an accident and case closed you know. I'm not exactly sure when their investigation officially wraps up. But i know didn't last very long by the time. Her friends find the cane. Which is sunday afternoon. I mean this is maybe like thirty six hours after holly was initially found. The police tapes already down. I mean they have their theory written into a police report and for them. There was no crime. Holly was blind. She was drunk. She got disoriented. It was an accident you know. They a tragic absolutely but in their minds not criminal but the version of events police put forward that holly walked almost a quarter mile in the wrong direction away from her front door. Hold herself through. A small hole in the fence been crawled up. The abutment fell over the end of it. It never sat right. Anyone who knew holly said there was absolutely no way she would have mistakenly walked that far from her front door the same front door that she went through thousands of times and the same walk from her apartment to the end of north ridge. Road i mean. This was a pack that she walked every single day to get to work and to her university classes. Right and one of these friends. That can't believe it is holly's friend. Peter he was an orientation and mobility specialist at the canadian national institute for the blind which is how he met holly. According to tim boost ks piece in the coast peter called halifax regional police to say. Hey listen this is my whole life. This is my work. This is like everything i do. I worked with holly and lots of people like holly and nothing about this chain of events. That you've put forward makes any sense. Something isn't right here. You have not gotten all of the answers but the police honestly weren't interested in talking to him what yeah an. Peters specialty is actually a really critical part of this story. Orientation and mobility is basically all of the things someone with vision loss would need to know in order to get around safely right and you mentioned the cane. But i assume there's so much more to it than just that so much more and one of the examples they use in the docu series is traffic queues. And how you can use the sound of traffic either in front of you behind you to the left or right to understand where you are now remember so holly lives right near the mckay bridge which runs parallel to north ridge. Wrote that long road.

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