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I still believe I still can't believe that. He would be totally useless to the point where they're one in fifteen that Barclay himself wouldn't be able to win a game that Odell would be able to get at least one fifty fifty ball a couple of games and see how it goes that they that they could lose with the defense getting healthier. I think we're gonna find out Monday. Here's the falcons are susceptible to being put upon points yardage. We saw James Doohan. Here's Eli Manning's legacy though bench or not. Here's his legacy is two championships. I think that's getting washed away. Right. It's not washed away. They will never get washed away. It will always be there. Those rings will never be taken. It's the exact you're the person trying to when the when the players say, no one can ever take this away. From me. You're the person who's trying to take it away from them. But I'm also saying that was eight years ago. So what that they won the Super Bowl? So what? So the legacy is. He's got two of them. And he got two of them against the team that nobody else is able to beat. He got one of them against the team that nobody did beat that year until he and the giants did. And I understand that he had a brutal first-half or the offense did. And I understand that a ball got stuck to how they one. Okay. One toy understand that. And I'm not going to take that away from him. What I'm saying where his where where he works for a living, or it might be that he just ran out of gas. And he wasn't as good, and he did not have the game physically to sustain the way that rivers in everyone else has. That is an entirely possible, and it will be up to people to decide or not. But still give you the names of those quarterbacks that you just mentioned Brady Brees rothlisburger river's. Okay. Major or older take Brady out. Rogers one one rivers is one zero. Ben has one too. And Brees is one one one too. And the giants fans will never forget it. And in that town where they're already talking about. Sam darnold is the second comment of Joe Nemeth. I even saw today, you know, I follow rich SIMEONI of ESPN is an excellent writer for the jets. He's talking about is is it. The jets town now. But the three and three is Sam darnold making it. The jets ten this three and three. And even if it is a jets town because they have a better record than giants unfortunate nine. I haven't seen a championship. And the giants have had if I'm not mistaken. Four. In my lifetime to parcels to toppling. So jets town or not? It's still the trophies in the case in Eli got two of them. And nobody no matter how he finishes. We'll take that away. And giants fans will never forget it. And one day. I will go back there bust or not jacket or not he'll have his name up and whatever ring of honor. That's sitting there in in MetLife. And that will be forever and whoever does take over for ally. Manning veterans to the bell every single week like he did until mcadoo put Gino in there. Eight four four zero four rich look at Tommy from Staten Island, sitting it. All right. Got us. Homeland got us going. Mark Ingram.

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