Show of support for abortion rights expected at US rallies


A a a a major major major major show show show show of of of of support support support support for for for for abortion abortion abortion abortion rights rights rights rights is is is is expected expected expected expected at at at at rallies rallies rallies rallies across across across across the the the the country country country country today today today today from from from from New New New New York York York York to to to to LA LA LA LA organizers organizers organizers organizers say say say say they they they they want want want want to to to to express express express express their their their their outrage outrage outrage outrage over over over over the the the the anticipated anticipated anticipated anticipated Supreme Supreme Supreme Supreme Court Court Court Court decision decision decision decision that that that that would would would would overturn overturn overturn overturn roe roe roe roe versus versus versus versus Wade Wade Wade Wade which which which which would would would would take take take take away away away away a a a a constitutional constitutional constitutional constitutional right right right right to to to to abortion abortion abortion abortion they they they they say say say say they they they they want want want want to to to to mobilize mobilize mobilize mobilize for for for for the the the the fight fight fight fight ahead ahead ahead ahead on on on on Capitol Capitol Capitol Capitol Hill Hill Hill Hill yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday democratic democratic democratic democratic house house house house speaker speaker speaker speaker Nancy Nancy Nancy Nancy Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi Pelosi led led led led the the the the charge charge charge charge Americans Americans Americans Americans are are are are marching marching marching marching and and and and making making making making their their their their voices voices voices voices heard heard heard heard public public public public sentiment sentiment sentiment sentiment is is is is everything everything everything everything we we we we will will will will never never never never stop stop stop stop fighting fighting fighting fighting for for for for patients patients patients patients and and and and their their their their healthcare healthcare healthcare healthcare providers providers providers providers to to to to defend defend defend defend the the the the rights rights rights rights of of of of women women women women tens tens tens tens of of of of thousands thousands thousands thousands of of of of people people people people are are are are expected expected expected expected at at at at the the the the band's band's band's band's off off off off our our our our bodies bodies bodies bodies events events events events one one one one of of of of the the the the largest largest largest largest will will will will be be be be in in in in DC DC DC DC on on on on March March March March from from from from the the the the Washington Washington Washington Washington monument monument monument monument to to to to the the the the Supreme Supreme Supreme Supreme Court Court Court Court I'm I'm I'm I'm Julie Julie Julie Julie Walker Walker Walker Walker

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