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A Snapchat video that won't go away. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News, and this morning the legal drama it caused, will play out at the Supreme Court at issue. How free is the speech of a student outside of school? Fox is seven. Brown is on the case Live and Dave back in 2017 Brandy Levi use some choice language and posed for a rood photo when complaining on Snapchat about not making the cheer squad in her high school in eastern Pennsylvania. School, then suspended her from activities. But she sued on First Amendment grounds, saying she made the post on a weekend. Not at school. The school says they have every right to police students, social media due to online bullying but leave. He claims there was no bullying as per her post was not directed at any one person. Now the Supreme Court will decide they've I've been a judge in North Carolina today will consider authorizing the release of body cam footage of a black man shooting that's been pro tested for a week. Several arrested last night clashing with police enforcing a curfew Andrew Brown junior's families, his deputies executed him, The sheriff says the footage does not tell the whole story. There's a similar case in California and a native police officers murdered my brother, Mario Gerardo Gonzalez, joined protesters outside the Alameda Police Department. He said his brother did not die of a medical emergency during us. Awful as police have said It happened in the park. Earlier this month, Neighbors had called police saying he appeared to be on drugs. Put your hands behind your back. Okay. Within a few moments, there's struggle as officers put him to the ground yourself short center. Gonzalez later died then. Really With Fox to TV President Biden will talk to us tonight from Congress pushing a plan. Republicans are already pushing back.

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