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The general direction of the official but not at the afic now i will say this that i do not think necessarily that go on the mouthpiece at the official as the worst thing in the world radic i'm not going soft or anything like that however shannon what was your first response be if somebody through they salah bariki mouthpiece at you any connected unom had the seat i do yep yep and that's why i've got to be suspicious that military strikes who you go and you lose my second job daresay mafia tom job that's like that's why he's gotta be suspended because pretty much all yalta somebody twoday slobbering mouthpiece and he got on your clothes you be ready to fight that's what that's wide by uk put an official in see i mean i mean this by the way is not even joe i feel i like the threshold for a lot of these suspicions is if we not going to allow people to fight that we can't put people in positions where they should be fighting and i feel like somebody putting this law braun you in that way is a fight a bull offense that that's how i feel about it we had that will go down like like we've had a lot to consider lonzo ball who will talk about a little bit later in all of this but as the like the league has so many great story lines right now that if you get yourself caught into the only thing that matters is who wins the championship you'll miss initiatives into six is yet the sixers are exciting i watched them opening night again so washington knows an exciting game in look ben simmons a six ten point guard sixteen point go he's not just the tall do playing point he is a six ten point guard they heavy six ten point guard any 7foot2 center who can take.

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