20 injured in Milwaukee shootings after Bucks playoff game


Two two two two separate separate separate separate shootings shootings shootings shootings outside outside outside outside of of of of Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee bucs bucs bucs bucs home home home home game game game game Friday Friday Friday Friday night night night night sent sent sent sent fans fans fans fans running running running running for for for for their their their their lives lives lives lives the the the sound sound sound of of of gunfire gunfire gunfire captured captured captured by by by Jake Jake Jake o'kane o'kane o'kane who'd who'd who'd been been been at at at the the the game game game and and and was was was outside outside outside afterwards afterwards afterwards he he he said said said he he he heard heard heard more more more than than than forty forty forty shots shots shots police police police say say say no no no one one one was was was killed killed killed but but but scores scores scores were were were injured injured injured and and and had had had to to to go go go to to to the the the hospital hospital hospital thousands thousands thousands who who who could could could not not not get get get tickets tickets tickets to to to game game game six six six of of of the the the NBA's NBA's NBA's Eastern Eastern Eastern Conference Conference Conference semi semi semi finals finals finals had had had gathered gathered gathered adjacent adjacent adjacent to to to the the the deer deer deer district district district to to to watch watch watch the the the bucs bucs bucs lose lose lose to to to the the the Celtics Celtics Celtics the the the second second second shooting shooting shooting happened happened happened a a a few few few hours hours hours after after after the the the first first first one one one police police police say say say they they they took took took several several several people people people into into into custody custody custody I'm I'm I'm Julie Julie Julie Walker Walker Walker

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