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Unbelievable situation let on himself or walking down the border here repetition and my speech i have no alternative shock is is so great my mouth is dry i can only say that here in the kitchen of the ambassador hotel the back entrance from the volume in the press room the senator walked out the back i was directly behind you heard a balloon go up and shot you didn't really realize that the shot was a shot and he had a screaming two men were on the ground both bleeding profusely one of them was senator robert kennedy at this moment we're stunned ranking as everyone else in this kitchen corridor at the ambassador hotel in los angeles if the senator is dead or alive we do not know the name of the other gentleman concerned this is andrew west mutual news los angeles there are a couple of points i'd like to take up with you in the dialogue that i heard i heard you distinctly say get the gun and get the gun then i heard you say stay away from the gun and i was led to believe that you meant get the gun but don't get in front of it that what you're implying there were people milling joey bishop interviewing mutual news reporter andrew west hours after wet west witnessed the assassination of robert f kennedy at the ambassador hotel in los angeles and we heard we heard west live reporting which was then replayed later that night when west appeared on the joey bishop talk show on abc and it's again it's we we talked earlier about what made him a good talk show host was the fact that joey bishop was a good listener and he was reacting to what he heard on west's description of the events at the ambassador hotel and that form the next question about the gun riveting actuality that i've ever heard or stream and just for the record that was a few days after these bastards nation but perspective or alto with one exception johnny carson did his own tonight show to do very serious ninety minute and that was the.

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