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Nuclear weapon but they do have to fight for material and make would do it and they need byrne a missile fired from yangyang kooky oca eleven minute the president japanese there must be hyungchol h of or counterattack what kind of consultation at possible eleven minute all you could say the missile covering the company in the japanese mud do something and i think if they do that would have warm the chinese and bring the chinese negotiating table or they could put leverage on what korea dr arnn i think your observation is correct dr heard london with this president the london centre for policy research so that was my next question is how do you get the chinese to the table they seem to have almost no appetite to issue sanctions they're not very combative they don't like the conflict they i seem to wanted to sit on the sidelines and lead us to sweat it out and i guess they ultimately don't fear a nuclear north korea and the same way we do because they're not the target of that wrath but but is there besides japan changing their articles ways there's something we can do to get china to the table so that some sanctions made even russia issue sanctions that actually cause north korea to come to the negotiating table because even with the sanctions doesn't mean they're going to stop the program just means they'll come to the negotiating table in the way they won't now well the chinese provide ninety percent more than ninety percent of all your record so what they wanted accomplished bigot tomorrow eric no doubt mockery of our life you can't buyer of nickel at their no electricity in my country and your computers do not operate so keep in mind that there are awful lot chinese could you do not what do when you say the chinese do not care they care it care great bill they've got a beast indicate meta or quick it got a cage everyone's gonna while they looked at east out but pressure on the united states over the competition between china and the united states in the pacific and so much for your quite a very effective diplomatic who oh of china and go the chinese are unwilling to give that up we have to put enough pressure on china so that that that we provide much greater than the eric pregnancy hat what is really the.

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