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That's global X ETFs dot com slash income This is Bloomberg daybreak Asia It's a quarter past the hour now time for a check of sport from around the world Here's Dan schwarzman Thanks Brian Managed this united has begun interviewing candidates to be the next permanent manager at Old Trafford with Ajax Amsterdam boss Eric ten hag having already interviewed earlier in the week on the names on menu shortlisting food PSG bus Mauricio Pochettino Seville manager yulin la patte and Spain's Louis henrique Foot Mercado in Spain reports that Barcelona has decided to try to keep us money despite telling the winger back in January to leave if he wasn't going to sign an extension to stay The 24 year old has contributed 9 assists in 12 matches since then but his report to have a verbal agreement in place with petty saint Germain Sources say delays reps have asked for a net salary of €20 million per year plus assigning bonus The Miami Dolphins have traded 5 draft picks to the Kansas City Chiefs at three time first team all pro wide receiver tyreek hill The 28 year old is receiving a massive contract extension of four years a $120 million the 72.2 million of it guaranteed Miami is sending this year's first round pick number 29 a second round pick number 50 along with the fourth round of this year and fourth and 6th rounders next year Both Miami and the New York Jets were the final destinations for hill to choose from but both teams having trades in place with Kansas City Finally Malcolm butler is returning to the Patriots on a two year deal with up to $9 million While it was originally signed by the Pats as an undrafted rookie free agent out of west Alabama back in 2014 I'm Dan schwarzman that your Bloomberg will sports op aid Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business app And that Bloomberg quick tape This is a Bloomberg business flash We had an interesting development in the US Treasury market today The entire yield curve shifted lower after a couple of days of just punishing kind of price action in the bond market sending.

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