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They say it's not the most effective way to stop things. They say there isn't a crisis on the border except for the crisis of the these families seeking asylum, and they turn themselves in they're not trying to sneak in. So a wall wouldn't really help with that is what they're saying. I have to imagine that this is going to get a lot tougher later this week when the first pay period happens when people don't get their paychecks. And maybe a lot more people will start walking off the job. Yeah. And you know, a very small sample size. But I've been hearing from my friends who work in the federal government. Asking me what's going to happen that they're very worried about getting their paychecks about not getting back pay for the time. They've been furloughed. The the, you know, the concern is there. The morale problems are real. One more thing real quick Tam Justice Ruth, Bader Ginsburg today missed the oral arguments in the supreme court for the first time since she became a Justice in nineteen Ninety-three, she's recovering from cancer surgery. What more do we know? That that is that is essentially what we know. And and it was, you know, the the first time that she's missed arguments, which is a pretty remarkable thing. But you know, all reports were that that this was caught early the the cancer that is pure. What has correspondent hammer key? Thank you. Well, let's take a look at claims made on Fox News Sunday by White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about the need for a border wall. She insisted repeatedly that thousands of suspected terrorists come into the US through the southern border host. Chris Wallace was disbelieving. Let's listen roughly nearly four thousand known or suspected terrorists come into our country illegally. And we know that are most vulnerable point of entry is this. I didn't know if you're going to use it. But I studied up on this, do, you know, where those four thousand people come where they're captured the airports, not always terrible certainly department says there hasn't been any terrorists that they found coming across the air land, and it's spicy. It's all of the above. But President Trump his homeland security secretary cures to Nielsen and other administration officials have also been repeating this claim using it to bolster their push for a border wall. What's true? Let's go to the Washington Post fact, checker Salvador Rizzo. Sal, welcome great to be with you. We should say you give this claim three Pinocchio, which is not good. It means not true unpack it where did this claim start. But sit based on well, first of all depending on how they phrase it. We've also given it four Panetta's in. This instance, it was three because there was just a sliver of it that was based in fat. But as Chris Wallace rightly pointed out and insisted during this interview on Sunday, the Trump administration has not broken down whether any of those four thousand. People technically three thousand seven hundred and fifty five and fiscal year twenty seventeen whether any of them tried to enter the US through the southern border. And so that's the key issue. Because this talking point is in service of you know, the argument for the border wall. But the fact that they can't say whether any of these suspected or no terrorists are, you know, trying to cross the southern border is very telling I think, well, where do we get that number three thousand seven hundred and fifty five. So that includes anyone who has known or suspected ties to terrorism who tries to enter through any port of entry and so- airports ports of entry. There are maritime ports of entry. And there are land ports of entry on the Canadian and Mexican borders. And so what you really need. If this is going to be a talking point in service of the wall is a breakdown of how many of these individuals are trying to cross the border. There are other pieces of information that have been released by the Trump administer. Nation that indicate that no terrorists have gained access to the United States this on border to be clear when you and Chris Wallace and everyone else says it's largely through airports. It's not even airports on US soil. It's foreign airports. It's around the world in in almost every case. These people are interdicted before they even board these flights to the United States. You're right. So you're saying that the US officials have not been able to point to any terrorists trying to cross the border into the US..

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