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The Socrates fall series. If you're signed up for the Socrates emails or if you just sign up for my email list, Eric metaxas dot com, you will have heard that today today registration is opening for our first event in what we're calling our fall series. Why are we calling it the full series? Well, number one, it's in the fall. Number two, it's a series. We start September 27th, that registration opens up today. Now, let me tell you, the early bird registration, the prices are very low. It's at cost for us. If you've attended these events, when you get there, you realize this is really special. This is a glorious club. The union league club is just a heavenly experience. And so I want to encourage you to sign up ASAP for those. The early bird price obviously is there temporarily. So if you want to go and you want to get the early bird price, jump on it, Eric metaxas dot com if you're signed up for that, you will get the email today. Maybe you've already gotten it maybe you're not signed up in which case you didn't get it. Or you can sign up for if you just want to get the sock piece in the city emails, you can go to Socrates in the city dot com. But the fall series is very exciting. We have Andrew clavin in September 27th. I know I've mentioned that a bunch of times, but we also have an event in Houston, October 12th, the 13th, I forget, with James tour who is prominently featured in my book, is atheism dead. The question is, how did life begin? Kind of a big question. We asked the big questions at Socrates in the city. That's Houston. Then November 1st, we have David berlinsky, who answers the question, what is human nature that's back here in New York? Again, November 1st. We may do an event in Denver and we'll probably do another New York event in December. Those aren't confirmed yet, but the three confirmed events registration opens up for the first one as I said today and pretty soon we'll have we'll open up the registration for the October event in Houston and the November 1st event with David berlinsky back here at the union league club. The union league club is gorgeous. If you want to come and spend a couple days in New York, we could probably get rooms for you at the union league club way better and cheaper and infinitely more luxurious than any of the hotels that you can find in New York. So that's the Socrates and the fall series. You'll get that information today. Finally, before I go to our first guest, Brandon Tatum, I want to remind you that we're doing a fundraiser with food for the poor and this is kind of, how do I, how do I say it? Salem radio. You know all the Salem radio hosts were competitive with each other. So we got Sebastian gorka. We've got Hugh Hewitt. We've got dinesh d'souza, Charlie Kirk. And Mike Gallagher and a number of others. But we're kind of competitive because food for the pork comes to us and says, we want you to reach out to your audiences on behalf of these people who are suffering and so every day we kind of get an update of how the different shows are doing. And I think I'm pretty sure my audience is a little smaller than Mike Gallagher's and Hugh Hewitt's and those are giant shows Dennis prager, but I still feel competitive with them. Now, we kind of make a fun game of something that's deadly serious. People are suffering. People can't feed their kids. That's why food for the poor steps up. That's why they come to us and say, Eric, please reach out to your listeners. We need your help. So all gifts are tax deductible. The easiest way to do it is go to metaxas talk dot com. Metaxas talk dot com. You'll see the banner there. That's our radio website metaxas talk dot com. I'm a taxis. I talk. My guests talk metaxas talk dot com. If you go there, you'll see the banner that says help Ukraine. Now earlier this week, my Salem colleague and friend Mike Gallagher raised, I can't believe this. Over $32,000 in donations by asking people, listening to his program, who could afford it to make a gift of a $100 knowing each $100 gift will pay for 400 meals for kids and families who are refugees in Ukraine. A $100 will pay for four hundred meals. That's how efficient food for the poor is. So I realized not everybody can afford a $100. But if you can, I need your help. I would like to challenge Mike Gallagher's astonishing accomplishment, you have to go to metaxas talk dot com. You will see the banner, I will also give you the phone number in case you prefer it, but anybody can give a $100. I'm just telling you, let's do it today. Please. 8 four four 8 6 three hope. 8, four, four, 8, 6, three hope. 8 four four 8 6 three hope or make it easy on yourself, go to metaxas talk dot com. Anything.

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