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Every single time would not have shocked me at all. You have a quarterback who is quite old injury breeze where okay, but we don't know he's gonna Klein it's going to happen at some point. It might happen. This year. We don't know with quarterbacks in that age bracket, they sort of just fall up a cliff at some point, and that's more than a happen for breeze and this for for Matt Ryan, they have probably as much if not more young talent on the defensive side of the football. They seem to be an ascending defense. Even if I think their defense was a little overrated hitting into the year, but he figure, okay? Well, you know, you might get a break outs. He's from Grady Jarrett youth Dion Jones playing on a high level of Cananea playing a high level, it's healthy. Again. I mean, this could be a defense where it wouldn't have shocked me if they had gone into the top athlete or finishes top ten defense by DVD. Whereas the saints given how inconsistent they had been in years past how bad they'd been how they'd had that sort of one breakout season when they struggled to start the year. It was like, oh, yeah. Of course, the saints defense is going to be bad. That was just a fever dream last year. And this is the back to the mediocre defense and sort of. The weekly shoot us. We saw in years past. And that's the opposite of what's happened. I mean, the falcons grew the offense has been great. I put my calms week. They're they're the number one offense in win probability added between week two and we nine with before the game against the Browns on Sunday. And we saw happen in that game where when the falcons were not incredible on offense. And they were just pretty good when they they weren't able to punch in one of their three red zone opportunities in two touchdown. The Browns Ray will take advantage in their margin for error in winning this game against Cleveland. Which is not a great team by any means was pretty much nil unless the offense played out of its mind. Yeah. And you know, this is probably on if we're gonna penned somebody for for for this loss. I think it's fair to pointed point figures right at you, right? At me, we spent the previous week come in. And maybe even field Yates, and who else would we have? Evans, silver. Yeah. Yeah. It was a forty four about four of us are entirely the blame for the Atlanta Falcons demise this week because we bragged about Qizheng calling plays in the red zone. Really? Well, and I felt that this was sort of a deviation back to what they look like against LV. They just didn't they didn't have that same sort of fishing application in the red zone. I will say that you know, you gotta give Greg Williams at pretty kitchens and Baker Mayfield Nick credit because I thought when the Browns ran the. The opposite was like an option pass where I it which Baker Mayfield ran out of the Bigham if it was nine of nine in the morning the game, and then they decided to to let a running back pass a backup running back pass. And and the end result was bake an interception and easy interception by Keiji on the on the Atlanta side of things that set up a Julio Jones one yard touchdown at that point. It felt like everything Browns it established in the early portion of the game was about to be overwhelmed by falcons offense that wasn't going to be stopped and credit to the Browns from Marci right back down scoring again and get into halftime fourteen ten and I think that really set them up for success in the second half. And you're right. The defense didn't come to play for Atlanta. And we saw this is something that I think is interesting as it relates to the Browns. They had I they have nineteen targets the last two weeks to two running backs two on the season. And so when you look at that percentage, it's clear that. Freddie kitchens and Greg waves have decided to to emphasize do Johnson little bit more to us Nick Chubb out of the backfield. And that's the biggest weakness of the Atlanta Falcons. And you saw it on the Johnson. Touchdown. He comes out of the backfield completely untouched and the falcons can't cover running backs in the passing game. And they utilize job and utilize Johnson the passing game particularly in the red zone..

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