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And everything else because of what her life has been at that tournament in the residual scars that have come from the way that she has been treated at that tournament. And it's worth noting that we got other tournaments, we can point to with the way that she has been treated. And we read enough over the last twenty years about the way that she and her sister have been treated on this tour and it all came out at that moment. Perhaps human perhaps understandable. Can't do it. Right. Is that unfair maybe. Can't do it. It's up Lezak as, oh, then she winds up losing. Now, here's something I wanna point out though in this again, my point that I've been making here is what's it becomes about Serena. It's about what she represents, not about what she actually did not check this out. I'm reading this now from the guardian. Top tennis umpires considering forming a union because they believe Carlos Rommel's. The empire was quote hung out to dry unquote by the thority during and after the US open women's final despite uphold in the rules in sanctioning, Serena Williams. Many officials were also left angry with the fact that the International Tennis Federation took nearly forty eight hours to defend Rommel's on Monday afternoon by which time the women's association and US in association supported Williams claims of sexism after she was given a game penalty for a behavior during her defeat by the Asaka. Now, do you think that this right here is just about what happened was Serena, or do you think that this is about with Serena represents? Because I think that this is about what Serena represents, and all of a sudden they need to squad up about what took place they are you serious like you really think that that was what was necessary here. Is that the issue at plate or what's really going on. Is the way that Rommel's was treated. Really. Really. Saint about Serena, hardly any of it has actually been about Serena, because if you talk about what is about Serena was like, what has happened here that goes on with her then? Yeah, this is to be pretty interesting. I find the discussion of gender in the role that it played in this to be interesting because here's what I don't know. And I love somebody to answer this. I don't know. If it was Maria Sharapova who had done these things, do you think she would have been penalized the same? Because I am inclined to think no. Right? And I don't have an answer for that, but I am inclined to think, no, it's off. I'm inclined to think that, no, that that would not happen with Sharipova. It ain't just gender situation right by God understand argument that women feel where they say, you know, I don't feel is though I can express my anger at work the same way that men do. I don't feel like I can express my anger the same way. Somebody's other men that were do either. But what I don't want to do is dismissed the experience of these women. I don't want to dismiss what they see when they witnessed as I don't want to dismiss how they feel. But that's my question, and I think that it's a fair question because I felt like a lot of the things that women said that they noticed while watching this into things that kind of hit them and kind of trick not trigger, but you know, like resonated with them would be a better way to put it. Like I personally have felt some of those things and I don't wanna be to do that's out here. Like will be hoping to me too, but I do want to better understand like what took place there. Because I do feel as though and this is a guest that we could probably find examples of other women speaking to an empire in a very similar way and not being penalized in the way that Serena Williams was. But I just wish for people on all sides of this matter, if we could find a space to have one of the most fascinating athletes that we've ever seen to be able to talk about the things that happened with her and actually like have them be about what happened in that moment with her..

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