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Me. George orwell man. Of course i do you so much. Where are you at. At l. y. Conga you're down into anna sir. That is that where you come from. A born raised in atlanta. Yeah born and i'm right now. My condo was one mile from where i was born so you. Oh so you're living down there live in new york city. I live in las vegas. And i live in los angeles. You actually have you own places. And all those places i do. I own seventeen properties. I found myself Didn't do drugs you can't do. An era was making a lot of money in two thousand eight. Two thousand nine in las vegas and yeah and i just buying cheap properties and i really screwed up when the market is down. Make sure you buy man. You can buy a lot. You haven't been buying any new properties. No i have enough. I'm trying to get rid of them. Now i'm trying to get rid of the profit especially with my new york city because Maintenance is a bitch you know if new york is not your primary address they add another two and a half percent to your to your mate maintenance really yes maintenance maintenance is that's what i'm going to sell my place. How did they know when. You're not living there primarily just because a doorman rats you out. How did they know. Because when you file your taxes you have to you know you see in two places yes so you can't do that so atlanta you down there. I don't live. I'm just your sister. Quarantine done in march fourteen. You got all the most. My mom is all over the world. But i got a lot of family here in atlanta and so i'm here and i'm pretty strict about quarantining young in the house since march fourteenth bursts. Seldom i go out i am. My food is delivered to the door. My really grow freeze and our deliveries whatever. go to the doctor and i'm really scared to go to the doctor and not a shot man. Yeah you got the covid chung. You'll sir congratulations. Thank you so much. I call my doctor. Call them all and lied to him asap. The first one. Nobody could get it in one guy says i a dosage. You like to come in tomorrow morning at nine fifteen. We'll we'll bring you answer nine fifteen hours there and i'm glad i got it atlanta home of the cdc. So they're saying get it and a lot of african. American people is still a little shaky about getting because experiment. We went through many years ago but the simplest jobs took to tuskegee. Gile the tuskegee trials. Not good and it could be another child now. I don't know. I just know. I'm old and i got the shot. I won't be in the number. Well we're all in on it now if it's a trial it's on all of us george. This time we're all going down. Did you get the shot no. I'm not old enough. you'll fucker knew. City your sixty fifty seven bro. Fifty seven thirty seven both basis. So i did it and seinfeld. Got it on saturday where he gave you got it in new york city. Why is he old to healthy. So he's he's in the age group Yes it was amazing. Georgia was like number fifty on the list with worse condition. Just couldn't get. It wasn't distributed properly but it was around right. I mean it was around so you call it a few guys and you're like you know a guy's got some well call my doctor and i said that if you know anything let me know and through someway. Somehow he got dosages Went there. i'm so stupid you know. My job is to try to write jokes and shit. So i'm sitting there and i'm very cautious about my mask and my she'll our go where she'll glasses our everything but i didn't even. I shouldn't even say this. But i did cut a fart in the doctor's office and no of his patients have colbert's everybody smells her. They got up and walked. The folks love it. So that's that was their test for the day if they were if they were there for a covid test they got one from your ass. Get one so odd. Because i'd be thinking. I say you know what i'm gonna open up my own testing sites. Yeah so. I shouldn't be doing part jokes but but it did work. Hey you know. I talked to another comedian in england about fart jokes fart jokes have been around since the beginning of time. George fart jokes always work no matter how cheap they are. Everybody enjoys a fart joke. Would you say that again. That's another don't do part jokes. Why not people laugh at your data. You grew up in budgets. Always always always been there and they just as you get older people. Expect more out of you. That's what you always go with. What works the most simple simplicity. Or you want to be the fart guy. Do you want to be the farc guy. I'll talk about so much of the know me. I don't play by the rules anyway. I'll talk about anything. And everything. I really don't have a show. I'm quite nervous talking to you. Because i have absolutely nothing to talk about and i'm going to be with you like an hour. Well what the hell am i gonna say for an hour. I mean it is interesting. Because i i've known of you and about you and i've seen you around since since i started doing comedy. You know so. There's like it's one of those areas where your guy that i don't really know how you started but you know you were around in new york with that whole second wave a guys wall. You're so you're born in atlanta. And what happened. Where how how did you end up in new york. Let me tell you something. I really wanted to be a comedian. Since up a six years old why did you see risk felt oh yeah red skelton boso red skelton us a red box richard pryor i saw johnny carson on tv and milton. Berle a kid in high school. What i would do. I would hear these guys on. Tv on thursday night. I think there's an it was funny night on carson right. I'm going to the next one. I go to school without due to jokes and people would laugh hell. I didn't know you know. I listened to the party. Records with a red fox and judge markham and moms mabley and people. Jim issue parents have him years. They had them you know when they went away. They will call party record site because they were already. I got some of those you have. I've got some old red fox party records. Yeah records you got me records i do. I gotta do that man. I got my one of my favorite photos. I got all of my comedians. Comedians grow got richard. Pryor got jackie moms. Maybe i got a red fox even jay walkers on there. I got a lot of people with you pictures with you. Know now with me of them are a little older than i am. Even jay jay walker. I come along and company and three years earlier jay jay walker would not have had a job i know i can beat him out of that damn job so you started doing comedy in high school or no no. I am with georgia. I went to ohio. I needed a degree in transportation. How'd you decide on transportation. Because i always love troubling not bother travel and we went all over the country.

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